3455 Commits (4ffad1d32d3134cb5f0151439977b34d146ef0c7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jenkins 556084ebad Merge "Fix K8s load balancer with LBaaS v1" 5 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 66de9762a0 Revises 'json' to 'JSON' and 'yaml' to 'YAML' 5 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger adc6a7ffcd Remove not really translated file 5 years ago
  Wenzhi Yu 4a7d265aeb Implement mesos cluster smart scale down 5 years ago
  Hongbin Lu 865702f5b3 Fix failure of systemd service kube-ui 5 years ago
  yatinkarel 6b6ad52bb7 [k8s_common]Remove enable-etcd.sh 5 years ago
  yatinkarel 5dae4c54cb Fix typo 'mesoscluster' to 'mesos-cluster' 5 years ago
  Ton Ngo 324f4aca7d Fix K8s load balancer with LBaaS v1 5 years ago
  yatin 00d301addf [mesos]Fix output param: mesos_slaves_private 5 years ago
  Jenkins 52258c3b96 Merge "Updated from global requirements" 5 years ago
  yatin dc7b7af42a Remove safe_utils.py 5 years ago
  yatin 78b4b091b2 Remove yamlutils.py 5 years ago
  yatin bf1ace2c26 Remove k8s_manifest.py 5 years ago
  yatin 4cc5a628d9 Remove Exceptions for Container/Pod/Service 5 years ago
  Spyros Trigazis ef66fab1c9 [mesos] Make dib scipts executable 5 years ago
  Mahito OGURA d8c7a83c9c Change several RabbitMQ config settings 5 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot eab33ac5a5 Updated from global requirements 5 years ago
  Lu lei adf266c868 Remove default=None when set value in Config 5 years ago
  Jenkins 22e17cb5ed Merge "Centralize config option: x509 section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 13dd916846 Merge "Centralize config option: keystone_auth section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins b9b883318a Merge "Centralize config option: trust section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 5c063fceaf Merge "Centralize config option: certificates section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 4bc224b268 Merge "Centralize config option: docker section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 4167c9cb54 Merge "Centralize config option: service section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins b5a9a72880 Merge "Centralize config option: rpc periodic section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 45e7a47cad Merge "Centralize config option: utils section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins b01b169e4a Merge "Centralize config option: database section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins c77483c025 Merge "Centralize config option: paths section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins c3c54ea209 Merge "Update Fedora Atomic element from 23 to 24" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 09fb9b37d0 Merge "Centralize config option: cluster_heat section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins f0b56ab491 Merge "Centralize config option: cluster_template section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins b7890e5fb2 Merge "Centralize config option: conductor section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins e1b4a43305 Merge "Fix typo 'duplcate' to 'duplicate' in status.yaml" 5 years ago
  Jenkins ed7b401e4d Merge "Fix quickstart guide URL" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 20a9ebb62e Merge "Centralize config option: cluster section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins bb03aa02f2 Merge "Centralize config option: all clients section" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 95e895eb84 Merge "Add Horizon and Native Clients to user guide" 5 years ago
  Mahito OGURA 19ecda26f3 Fix quickstart guide URL 5 years ago
  Jenkins f2f973cd18 Merge "Centralize config option: api section" 5 years ago
  gengchc2 0078e8501c Fix typo 'duplcate' to 'duplicate' in status.yaml 5 years ago
  Jenkins b6efd04613 Merge "Fix k8s_fedora to work with cinder volume driver" 5 years ago
  Jenkins cf9c705291 Merge "TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused" 5 years ago
  Spyros Trigazis fb7980cf7b Update Fedora Atomic element from 23 to 24 5 years ago
  Jenkins a3a5817eeb Merge "Update name of ubuntu-mesos image" 5 years ago
  Jenkins caeb9e2e92 Merge "[suse] Sync heat template version with other drivers" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 85a708b76c Merge "Register master node but make it non schedulable" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 8ab9113374 Merge "Remove unnecessary setUp and tearDown" 5 years ago
  Hieu LE 82c338ef11 Centralize config option: x509 section 5 years ago
  Hieu LE 66430eaa98 Centralize config option: keystone_auth section 5 years ago
  Hieu LE 5abcdadb51 Centralize config option: trust section 5 years ago