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Andrew Melton 6d64188d50 Add Swarm TemplateDefinition
This change will allow deployers to select either Kubernetes
or Swarm to be the CoE used in Magnum's bays. A Swarm bay uses
a subset of the BayModel parameters used for Kubernetes.
Node discovery is provided via Docker's public discovery
endpoint, but operators and users can override this with
Bay's discovery_url argument.

Implements: bp multiple-bay-templates

Change-Id: I5278e6d477298085d07673810e5d8813d21b7730
8 years ago
Andrew Melton 3a8ab855a8 Add Template Definitions
The idea here is to provide a way for magnum to discover and interact
with templates meant to build bays. Template definition discovery is
done through python entry_points, and each class lists the bay_types
it can provide. Each template definition contains a mapping of magnum
object attributes and heat template parameters/outputs.

This will be useful for not only allowing different CoEs, OSes, and
platforms. But can also provide the discovery mechanism for templates
once they are pulled into their own repository.

Partial-Implements: bp multiple-bay-templates

Change-Id: Ia596657856cd861c94e58dcd65acae0677a36d73
8 years ago
Steven Dake 9d46b771c5 Rename backend to conductor
The backend is a bad name for a process, so instead call it the conductor.

Change-Id: Iaeb574b9754fe2635a2b082a99216337130a19f9
9 years ago
Steven Dake 54411f6265 Remove conductor
Remove conductor.  The backend will replace the conductor as the process
name to be more consistent with other OpenStack projects.

Change-Id: If69557b7ca02e48c65372cbb200d2f648613778e
9 years ago
Steven Dake bb2546f0eb Copy Ironic's database model codebase
The Ironic codebase is pretty simple for database access.  This work
leads into the introduction of versioned object technology from nova
and ironic that will be entering oslo:

This will drastically speed up the process of implementing moving the
RPC objects across the network.

Change-Id: I38aa451b658b66f5b6f10ced03ea2e0355af4ecd
9 years ago
Abhishek Chanda a71f6c7d10 Enable automatic sample config generation
- Added an entry_point for oslo config generator
- Added a script to enumerate config options
- Added a tox target to invoke config generator

Change-Id: I16a2e622db18f8ac4deeecc17e87bb2b5edf3826
9 years ago
Steven Dake 9442e40702 Add backend processor for AMQP
Backend processors execute the ReST API using a specific backend.  For
example, docker implements the container backends.  k8s implements the pod
and services backends.  If at some later date, someone wants to implement
a fully native backend, that would be possible.  In the short term (next 4-6
weeks) I'd like to focus on backends using k8s and docker only rather then
trying to get native to work.

Change-Id: I77abde65dfe03e12f2931854da52a69f5e618d93
9 years ago
Steven Dake ea8cbaa077 Add initial conductor API and service
Add an initial conductor API and service.  This service allows
operation on the four object types -> bays, pods, services, and
containers and allows the ability to list, read, write, or delete
those objects in the database.  The implementation of the
list/read/write/delete is incomplete and should come in a follow-up

Change-Id: I60e9070e4b5aeaeddba67233b99dd0e3a3cffe22
9 years ago
Jenkins 94f3ede485 Merge "Do not say we support py3" 9 years ago
Abhishek Chanda 3a10d159e2 Do not say we support py3
The py33 and py34 targets are failing currently. This can be
reverted once those are working.

Change-Id: I9d0376ed6771ed07b5c6f91a70843c129e38c20b
9 years ago
Steven Dake 14707dd546 Create a ReST API entrypoint
This creates a server entrypoint for running the Pecan+WSME

Change-Id: I58bdeea7971f0f562e3d7a5542740283cb910a7b
9 years ago
digambar 9bd22e2c77 Initial commit from github (squashed)
These were the commits from github repo(s)

  84d943e Initial commit
  3d15bd1 Created the pecan project for containers for API
  b49297b Added rest functionality to the v2 apis
  227e1dd Added rest functionality to the v2 apis
  39500ae Added the base API call like POST, GET, PUT & DELETE.
  e404e94 adding wsme support to pecan
  f90f540 Added wsme support to the magnum apis
  c879329 added changes to api
  24ebc32 Fixed the bugs in the container apis
  01725ef Rename dir from containers to magnum
  1a1375a Add requirements and test-requirements
  f957e2e Add ASL2.0 license
  8f4c0ee Move tests to the proper location
  48dd100 Move setup files to proper directory
  86cc435 Fix the setup so the installation is sanitary
  b766d59 Make the installation and tox testing work
  c477236 This is a new project - start with v1 for api
  cf20cac Remove pep8 errors
  d23b325 Merge with code generated using OpenStack cookie-cutter
  b6b9f34 Ability to run pecan serve from command line

Had to update requirements.txt to get jobs working

Change-Id: I068389412d023c258bda40dfbdff5a40f2e7d175
Co-Authored-By: Digambar Patil <>
Co-Authored-By: Steven Dake <>
9 years ago