18 Commits (799563eb613855c340727c6b87c2e1ddd490aae3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Bharat Kunwar 799563eb61 Remove shebang from scripts 2 years ago
Bharat Kunwar d3984dd4c2 fcos: Upgrade etcd to v3.4.6, use quay.io/coreos/etcd 2 years ago
Feilong Wang 735fadf53c Support TimeoutStartSec for etcd and heat agent systemd services 3 years ago
Spyros Trigazis aa6b3bbeba k8s_fedora: Add use_podman label 3 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 3674b3617a k8s_atomic: Run all syscontainer with podman 3 years ago
Feilong Wang 05c27f2d73 [k8s][fedora atomic] Rolling upgrade support 3 years ago
Jonathan Rosser 79699f23cd Revert "support http/https proxy for discovery url" 3 years ago
Jonathan Rosser 2595fda3e3 Ensure http proxy environment is available during 'atomic install' for k8s 3 years ago
Guang Yee ffc61816c8 support http/https proxy for discovery url 4 years ago
Lingxian Kong cae7fa21b6 [k8s] Cluster creation speedup 4 years ago
Spyros Trigazis a1fb448c3a k8s_fedora: Explicitly set etcd authentication 4 years ago
Spyros Trigazis d95ba4d1ff Run etcd and flanneld in a system container 4 years ago
Mathieu Velten 4a39ad699b Move all kubernetes files in /etc/kubernetes 5 years ago
Ricardo Rocha 2875c97bff k8s-fedora: Add etcd_volume_size label 5 years ago
yatin e904a8af5c [k8s_fedora_atomic] Enable TLS in Etcd cluster 6 years ago
Dirk Mueller 80fc5a2d42 Add bashate checks to pep8 step 6 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 2c635692ae Split k8s atomic vm and ironic drivers 6 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 08531c1702 Fix ironic template 6 years ago
Vijendar Komalla a5ae8b37aa Bay driver: k8s Fedora Atomic 6 years ago
Ton Ngo ab08ec329d Replace hardcoded eth0 interface in scripts 6 years ago
Hua Wang 37b731b510 Rename heat-kubernetes, heat-mesos, docker-swarm 7 years ago
Eli Qiao ec92085271 Add proxy for k8s 7 years ago
Hongbin Lu bcdd70cf1e Bootstrap etcd cluster by discovery_url 7 years ago
Hua Wang 68bfde02ca Replace etcd ports by its offical ports 7 years ago
Hua Wang bf12bb14b4 Remove incorrect variable in etcd.conf 7 years ago
Hongbin Lu 39577b87f3 Port upstream commit "keep chasing etcd" 7 years ago