6 Commits (83e0d8d32bad473d978af9d462069c2554352a84)

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OTSUKA, Yuanying 83e0d8d32b Add functional test for k8s ironic 5 years ago
Yolanda Robla fd0974e4b7 Start using fedora atomic images that live in our mirrors 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu c52e5bea06 Add tox test for k8s coreos bay 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu f575ef773e Gate: Remove neutron-lbaas devstack plugin 6 years ago
Eli Qiao 11b88008c3 Move project-configs to gate hook 6 years ago
Eli Qiao 69a4f5345e Functional: Add mesos functional bay creation basic testing frame work 6 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 6fe6e884a2 Add Heat tasks 7 years ago
digambar 9bd22e2c77 Initial commit from github (squashed) 7 years ago