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7 Commits (87f0799f953e0b338177360e8bcc10556b44de7c)

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Angus Lees 14909f0944 Add flannel's host-gw backend option 7 years ago
Hua Wang b79203aa98 Add auth_url 7 years ago
Hua Wang 3d002e3035 Add trust info 7 years ago
wangqun 5c90cb2ad3 Add hidden attr to password in the Heat Templete 7 years ago
Hua Wang c5fc62ed28 The type of number_of_masters should be int not string 7 years ago
Hua Wang 37b731b510 Rename heat-kubernetes, heat-mesos, docker-swarm 7 years ago
Hongbin Lu 1b928008bd Unify common output keys across Heat templates 7 years ago
Ton Ngo 4a17de8c6a Configure Ironic for Kubernetes load balancer feature 7 years ago
Tom Cammann 29e938c60d Create master tmptls for k8s ironic/coreos bay 7 years ago
Tom Cammann 5502b1e839 Unify templating style between templates 7 years ago
Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan) 52268629c1 Make ironic templates working 8 years ago
Hongbin Lu 2d153fc83d Modify k8s template to support removal policy 8 years ago
Jay Lau (Guangya Liu) 60657cc21d Move folder heat-kubernetes to magnum/templates 8 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 6d02ff33e8 Implement a Heat k8s template for Ironic 8 years ago