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Spyros Trigazis f997a332da Move monitors at driver level
Following changes for cluster-drivers, move coe specific monitors
at driver level. This change is needed to add the driver field

Change-Id: Id4658b8f7400bf3c86c8ff81756fb33d1211a0b3
Implements: blueprint bay-drivers
6 years ago
Randall Burt 7890725c52 Refactor driver interface (pt 1)
Refactor driver interface to encapsulate the orchestration
strategy. This first patch only refactors the main driver
operations. A follow-on will handle the state synchronization
and removing the poller from the conductor.

1. Make driver interface abstract
2. Move external cluster operations into driver interface
3. Make Heat-based driver abstract and update based on
   driver interface changes
4. Move Heat driver code into its own module
5. Update existing Heat drivers based on interface changes

Change-Id: Icfa72e27dc496862d950ac608885567c911f47f2
Partial-Blueprint: bp-driver-consolodation
7 years ago
murali allada 104501cfe6 Cluster Drivers
- Dynamically load drivers using stevedore
- Changed the entry points to reference drivers instead of
  template definitions
- Implement Create and update driver operations

Change-Id: I5c3259404c796e1935c872cf3109ffecae3cee02
Partially-Implements: blueprint bay-drivers
7 years ago