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Randall Burt 7890725c52 Refactor driver interface (pt 1)
Refactor driver interface to encapsulate the orchestration
strategy. This first patch only refactors the main driver
operations. A follow-on will handle the state synchronization
and removing the poller from the conductor.

1. Make driver interface abstract
2. Move external cluster operations into driver interface
3. Make Heat-based driver abstract and update based on
   driver interface changes
4. Move Heat driver code into its own module
5. Update existing Heat drivers based on interface changes

Change-Id: Icfa72e27dc496862d950ac608885567c911f47f2
Partial-Blueprint: bp-driver-consolodation
7 years ago
Hieu LE 08a48895c4 Centralize config option: docker_registry section
Centralize config option of docker_registry section.
Replace oslo_conf cfg to magnum.conf.

Change-Id: I43d3ce068bb6638f71ea14577f34c1df3d7c9d8c
Implements: blueprint centralize-config-magnum
7 years ago
murali allada 104501cfe6 Cluster Drivers
- Dynamically load drivers using stevedore
- Changed the entry points to reference drivers instead of
  template definitions
- Implement Create and update driver operations

Change-Id: I5c3259404c796e1935c872cf3109ffecae3cee02
Partially-Implements: blueprint bay-drivers
7 years ago
Madhuri Kumari 9493a81d4c Split swarm atomic template
This patch splits the swarm atomic template to support
both swarm vm and bm drivers.

Change-Id: Ib03e1d6cb441230a17df2c47e1ed79052f3394bf
Partially-Implements: blueprint magnum-baremetal-full-support
7 years ago
Jaycen Grant 729c2d0ab4 Rename Bay DB, Object, and internal usage to Cluster
This is patch 3 of 3 to change the internal usage of the terms
Bay and BayModel.  This patch updates Bay to Cluster in DB and
Object as well as all the usages.  No functionality should be
changed by this patch, just naming and db updates.

Change-Id: Ife04b0f944ded03ca932d70e09e6766d09cf5d9f
Implements: blueprint rename-bay-to-cluster
7 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 1466f93b21 Add rexray volume driver to Swarm
* Volumes are created using the bay's trusstee user
  scoped by the bay's trustID.
* In it is checked if rexray exists
  in the image, so if you have built an image with
  rexray it will configure and start rexray service.

This change replaces:

Change-Id: I11043d5edcf73a87220c86320f9938b9347c118f
Partially-Implements: blueprint magnum-integrate-with-cinder
7 years ago
Stephen Watson 2c9378dbd4 Updates drivers from BayModel to ClusterTemplate
Moves magnum.drivers from using Baymodel to ClusterTemplate naming to align
with bay to cluster blueprint.
First part of the rest of magnum.drivers update, with the next part renaming
Bay to Cluster.

Change-Id: I34c5a8bb2b2617b9a057cf7063d4749fa5a39f58
Implements: blueprint rename-bay-to-cluster
7 years ago
Jenkins 5258fddf9d Merge "Include version info in bay/cluster show operation" 7 years ago
Vijendar Komalla 50bc376c4d Include version info in bay/cluster show operation
Currently bay-show operation does not return bay/cluster
version information. This change contain changes to return
bay/cluster version and container version info.

Change-Id: Ie12b6583e6d85faa3607f87295c04d72698034a5
Closes-Bug: #1613413
7 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying b4b32267c6 Make templates env path be const variable
"../../common/templates/environments/" path seems to be redundant
in each drivers.
So it should be const variable.

Change-Id: I5cbd30e350c861b611b327a4dda3f92a6316e45b
Closes-Bug: #1616259
7 years ago
Jerome Caffet 802f137aee Revert "Use symlinks for common template files"
This reverts commit 748cf13182.
This commit breaks to install phase.

Closes-Bug: #1615026
Change-Id: Ie29a723319775e1becff5a6099cb58e3541e399c
7 years ago
Drago Rosson 748cf13182 Use symlinks for common template files
This patch establishes a convention of using a symlink named "common" in
drivers/{driver}/templates/ that points to drivers/common/templates/.
This has two benefits. First, it lowers the burden of forking a driver
by allowing drivers/common/templates/ to be copied over the symlink,
rather than having to update all of the paths in the templates and
driver code.  Second, it shortens the paths used, which makes things

Change-Id: I9176ec03905d0a87a43ba6bedf1f768b2b316125
Partially-implements: blueprint bay-drivers
7 years ago
Drago Rosson cff9ef524d De-duplicate the decouple-LBaaS-related files
The ApiGatewaySwitcher child template and the environment files that
enable/disable the master load balancer are identical across the bay
drivers that use them. This patch pulls them into the common directory.

Change-Id: I3c34df57f3c6487747ad896444075bf6a22725e5
Partially-Implements: blueprint decouple-lbaas
7 years ago
Ricardo Rocha 9c093da955 Set swarm api_address protocol to tcp on all cases.
The docker command line client does not allow https as protocol in the
DOCKER_HOST string. Set protocol in the api_address field in the bay to
tcp in all cases for compatibility (works also for TLS enabled bays).

This is also compatible with the python docker client (docker-py).

Change-Id: I7ef4e2d154c6ad682d4124f7a3adbfeef4e91e0c
Closes-Bug: #1604812
7 years ago
Drago Rosson 7df74392d5 Allow swarm cluster without LBaaS
This patch modifies the swarm bay driver/templates to allow its LBaaS
resources to be conditionally enabled/disabled.

Change-Id: Ic6ebec89514288837a7b540ce5517413e579f488
Partially-Implements: blueprint decouple-lbaas
7 years ago
Murali Allada 4080d4a84c Bay driver implementation
Moved all the swarm templates and template_definition code
to the magnum/drivers folder.

Moved base template_definition classes to drivers/common

Change-Id: Ieff57f0f47835c35d9f17c3d7d1b7e6a40907462
Partially-Implements: blueprint bay-drivers
Co-Authored-by: Spyros Trigazis <>
7 years ago