28 Commits (9375dc2ae51c8aed39ba57984bc8cfe07ab070e4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Feilong Wang cff4823168 Rename scripts 3 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 97f086c19f Revert "Rename scripts" 3 years ago
Feilong Wang 591a2dc94a Rename scripts 3 years ago
Lingxian Kong 2cc57c5386 Use Octavia for LoadBalancer type service 3 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 30785acd3c Update kubernetes dashboard to v1.8.3 4 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 2329cb7fb4 k8s: Fix kubelet, add RBAC and pass e2e tests 4 years ago
Feilong Wang be0609ce88 Support soft-anti-affinity policy for nodes 4 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 65dfb2009f Add openstack_ca_file configuration option 4 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 273405cb5a Leverage heat-container-agent for monitoring 4 years ago
Ricardo Rocha 28fff8006a Make docker_storage_driver a str instead of enum 4 years ago
Kirsten G b07b6f34d5 Add verify_ca configuration parameter 4 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 69bb03fcbe k8s_fedora: Add container_infra_prefix label 4 years ago
chestack 048400bd4b Remove TENANT_NAME from /etc/sysconfig/heat-params 4 years ago
Mathieu Velten 46255dd4b1 Add a kube_tag label to control the k8s containers to pull 4 years ago
Mohammed Naser 5153d912b2
Clean-up server names in drivers 4 years ago
Mark Goddard 769f0eea41 Extract kubernetes baremetal ports 4 years ago
ArchiFleKs 6ea4a7872d [k8s-fedora-atomic] fix multimaster cluster 5 years ago
yatinkarel 44d102a65e Add kube dashboard and remove kube ui 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 58d1fc5523 Remove kube-examples software configs 5 years ago
Cristovao Cordeiro 248e45f75c [k8s] Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana 5 years ago
Bertrand NOEL 1f3b0500b7 K8S: Allows to specify admission control plugins to enable 5 years ago
Bertrand NOEL 2a4ad9aa41 Make Kubernetes pods' health checks configurable 5 years ago
ricolin f7bf92ae24 [k8s_ironic] Move wc out of master resource group 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 4fa049e037 [k8s_fedora_atomic] Remove podmaster 5 years ago
Mathieu Velten 004e0cd742 Remove underscores from Nova server names 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis f82749457c Make cinder volume optional 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 2c635692ae Split k8s atomic vm and ironic drivers 5 years ago
Hua Wang 77e6c3160f Add Support of LBaaS v2 API 5 years ago
Jaycen Grant 729c2d0ab4 Rename Bay DB, Object, and internal usage to Cluster 5 years ago
Rajiv Kumar 0f6b3b6a38 Consolidate configure docker storage fragments 5 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 08531c1702 Fix ironic template 5 years ago
yatin karel 21a3b21e77 Update default version of heat template 5 years ago
Vijendar Komalla a5ae8b37aa Bay driver: k8s Fedora Atomic 5 years ago
PanFengyun d6e8753421 Add description to the output_key of stack. 5 years ago
PanFengyun 20029b6a0a Change the type of flannel_network_subnetlen to 'number' 5 years ago
Hua Wang 779c4b0c89 Format template 6 years ago
Angus Lees 14909f0944 Add flannel's host-gw backend option 6 years ago
Hua Wang 37b731b510 Rename heat-kubernetes, heat-mesos, docker-swarm 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu 1b928008bd Unify common output keys across Heat templates 6 years ago
Ton Ngo 4a17de8c6a Configure Ironic for Kubernetes load balancer feature 6 years ago
Tom Cammann 29e938c60d Create master tmptls for k8s ironic/coreos bay 6 years ago
Tom Cammann 5502b1e839 Unify templating style between templates 6 years ago
Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan) 52268629c1 Make ironic templates working 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu 2d153fc83d Modify k8s template to support removal policy 6 years ago
Jay Lau (Guangya Liu) 60657cc21d Move folder heat-kubernetes to magnum/templates 7 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 6d02ff33e8 Implement a Heat k8s template for Ironic 7 years ago