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Vu Cong Tuan ff67ac89f3 Switch to stestr 4 years ago
Jim Bach 393e70f0b0 Allow multimaster lb with no floating ip option 4 years ago
Hieu LE e06004d9f5 Implement basic policy module in code 5 years ago
iswarya_vakati 60f6f432ad Update .gitignore to ignore .eggs 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 4d545d6751 Compare test coverage with the master branch 6 years ago
Eli Qiao c1b63cdac0 Add reno to Magnum 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu a3ff65599b Ignore the generated config file 6 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying d35affa2b6 Add functional_creds.conf to .gitignore 7 years ago
Tom Cammann 248c13b4ac Eggnore the .egg directory 7 years ago
Zachary Sais 26cd948998 Add .DS_Store to .gitignore 7 years ago
Wanghua 93ca5d37b4 add .idea to .gitignore 7 years ago
Janek Lehr 2ea49688c1 Add coe attribute to BayModel 7 years ago
Motohiro OTSUKA 3ef17a8cfd Modify gitignore to ignore cover 8 years ago
digambar 9bd22e2c77 Initial commit from github (squashed) 8 years ago