12 Commits (9c55bcba91d5cf285c0eb94a18f3ce8ec29fcda7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Spyros Trigazis 1f81a4e5df Use keystone v3 for functional tests 6 years ago
maliki 07f9e027d5 Add insecure option in functional tests for SSL endpoints 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu 89db1b6495 Use the latest atomic image name 6 years ago
Corey O'Brien 32f917c8d7 Switch to Atomic 23 6 years ago
Deeksha c171aa12b6 Rename flavor name used in gate tests 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu dca02f1d98 Reduce memory consumption of gate tests 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu fed823f82a Document how to run functional test locally 7 years ago
Eli Qiao a89a5a32ad Functional: Split python client functional testing case 7 years ago
dimtruck 87db63227e Functional tests with Tempest - BayModel CRUD 7 years ago
Ton Ngo 4bfed61fe3 Migrate to Kubernetes Release 1 7 years ago
Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan) 986aac0b3e Make functional test work with new tox env 7 years ago