7 Commits (9c55bcba91d5cf285c0eb94a18f3ce8ec29fcda7)

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Mohammed Naser cfe2753fd3 [fedora atomic k8s] Add boot from volume support 3 years ago
pengyuesheng 749a792eb4 Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20 3 years ago
akhiljain23 2ccf639a39 Add framework for magnum-status upgrade check 3 years ago
Jim Bach 9a6698fb45 Add Octavia python client for Magnum 4 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan ff67ac89f3 Switch to stestr 4 years ago
Nguyen Hai 338b045c23 Fix incompatible requirement 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann 96e8e6c649 add lower-constraints job 4 years ago