14 Commits (b5531ddb2111a334cbf18218ce7921271884c971)

Author SHA1 Message Date
ArchiFleKs b5531ddb21 Add /etc/environment to flannel/etcd/kubelet 4 years ago
Kevin Lefevre ee1ac9a8e0 [k8s_coreos] update kubelet args 4 years ago
Kevin Lefevre 1260590b4e [k8s_coreos] enable CoreDNS addon 5 years ago
ArchiFleKs ff18982505 Fix CoreOS cluster creation and heat notify 5 years ago
ArchiFleKs c270539b16 Prepare Kubelet for multiple container runtime 5 years ago
ArchiFleKs 7117ff28ca Make INSECURE_REGISTRY_URL works for CoreOS 5 years ago
Kevin Lefevre 8b3ebbe8bf Use variables for hyperkube and kube version 5 years ago
Kevin Lefevre 44f364b2ef Remove $myip when unnecessary and use KUBE_NODE_IP 5 years ago
Kevin Lefevre 220675d42a Use heat-params in systemd unit 5 years ago
ArchiFleKs ac68cfc086 Update MY_IP to use curl and metadata instead of cut 5 years ago
PanFengyun 1876211d8c Fix the config args of kubernetes service 5 years ago
yatin b8dd781f32 Register master node but make it non schedulable 5 years ago
yatin 8cd71a6905 Use kubelet-wrapper provided by CoreOS 5 years ago
Eli Qiao f081cf18e5 k8s_coreos_driver: cleanup file naming 5 years ago
murali allada f09f314da4 k8s coreos bay driver 5 years ago
Hongbin Lu dc1eacee60 Fix the CoreOS Heat templates 6 years ago