10 Commits (c52e5bea06c70e3e6656f9cde9d3c818b4151281)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dane LeBlanc 9712370357 Functional tests should support DNS nameserver config 6 years ago
Corey O'Brien 32f917c8d7 Switch to Atomic 23 6 years ago
Deeksha c171aa12b6 Rename flavor name used in gate tests 6 years ago
dimtruck 7d524491c8 Copy logs on test failure 6 years ago
dimtruck 6ccda1ad10 Add magnum certificate api tests 6 years ago
Hongbin Lu dca02f1d98 Reduce memory consumption of gate tests 6 years ago
Dinesh Bhor e7be462a24 Fix invalid import order 6 years ago
Corey O'Brien d99d9fc6ed Enable Tempest without devstack 6 years ago
dimtruck 63de8e5540 Migration to utilize tempest plugin 7 years ago