72 Commits (cbe05aa97d90d3ac38d55fcee472ec2130aa1327)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Feilong Wang 32989b4f7b Allow setting network, subnet and FIP when creating cluster 3 years ago
caoyuan f82c61f856 Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 3 years ago
huang.xiangdong 3cb6226ff0 Support multi DNS server 3 years ago
Lingxian Kong c47fde0cbe Improve floating IP allocation 3 years ago
Ricardo Rocha 3d04ed4cbb Allow labels on cluster create 5 years ago
sayalilunkad c9e89e9b0a [opensuse] Increase wait_condition_timeout 5 years ago
Ricardo Rocha 79039bb419 Allow docker_volume_size on cluster create 5 years ago
sayalilunkad 6a5d02c482 [opensuse] Enabling external loadbalancer feature 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 9f2ff41f19 Add DC/OS dependency installation script 5 years ago
Spyros Trigazis a2282131ad Remove disable script of firewalld 5 years ago
ashish.billore 866182d799 Add more details to example template 5 years ago
Michal Jura 902f77a4ae [suse] Build openSUSE Leap 42.1 OpenStack Magnum image 5 years ago
jinzhenguo 1198510dbe update doc dcos_centos_v1/README.md 5 years ago
Michal Jura 772c3612c7 [suse] Add DOCKER_DEV to /etc/fstab 5 years ago
Michal Jura eb67a76b9c [suse] Remove defaults network from child templates 5 years ago
fengbeihong 977f3af83f Support dcos installation on centos vm cluster 5 years ago
Michal Jura 1e2112def5 [suse] Add TLS support for k8s_opensuse_v1 driver 5 years ago
Michal Jura 43bec106c7 [suse] Add SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY to Kuberneres cluster configuration 5 years ago
Bertrand NOEL 2a4ad9aa41 Make Kubernetes pods' health checks configurable 5 years ago
Dirk Mueller a9a5381b59 [suse] Fix flanneld overlay network configuration 6 years ago
Michal Jura b28218f3df [suse] Update security group for kube_masters 6 years ago
Michal Jura d7ed87e9ae [suse] Add min and max to flannel_network_subnet option 6 years ago
Michal Jura 07a68dcd95 [suse] Update k8s_opensuse_v1 driver 6 years ago
Michal Jura 0b1c59b21b [suse] Tune default value for docker_volume_size 6 years ago
Michal Jura df37275fe1 [suse] Setting correct permissions for Kubernetes files 6 years ago
yatin 9b10456a58 [suse] Allow k8s cluster without floating ip 6 years ago
yatin c00d197954 [suse] add support of LBaaS v2 6 years ago
yatin 29ca630978 [suse] Add proxy config 6 years ago
Dirk Mueller 089933784e [suse] Fix template descriptions 6 years ago
fengbeihong 10e9132bb8 DIB elements to support dcos for magnum 6 years ago
Dirk Mueller ace25e10f2 [suse] Add hidden attr to password in the Heat Template 6 years ago
Dirk Mueller 617d55f9b7 [suse] configure flanneld on master node 6 years ago
Dirk Mueller b26c2d4a20 [suse] Update copyright/ownership information 6 years ago
yatin 15a053d4a8 [suse] Sync with cluster drivers 6 years ago
Hieu LE 08a48895c4 Centralize config option: docker_registry section 6 years ago
yatin 8beab883e6 [suse] Fix OS::stack_id in kubeminion 6 years ago
yatin b0bcbecc5d [suse] Sync heat template version with other drivers 6 years ago
yatin 735db5401a [suse] Rename bay to cluster 6 years ago
yatin 82dc0eb69b Change the type of flannel_network_subnetlen to 'number' 6 years ago
Spyros Trigazis 917bf4e2dd Factor out common k8s definitions and mappings 6 years ago
Stephen Watson 2c9378dbd4 Updates drivers from BayModel to ClusterTemplate 6 years ago
yatin karel 5c5bc5f91b Fix incorrect reference to bay-template-example.html 6 years ago
Michal Jura b5d05fc955 Add openSUSE driver support to Magnum 6 years ago
yatin karel 21a3b21e77 Update default version of heat template 6 years ago
murali allada f09f314da4 k8s coreos bay driver 6 years ago
Egor Guz 020fae5d84 Update Dev Quick-Start links to officail docs 7 years ago
Tom Cammann 6bb1768847 doc8 all documentation and fix doc style 7 years ago
Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan) 8ec20a29f1 Fix the wrong platform usage 7 years ago
Andrew Melton 3a8ab855a8 Add Template Definitions 7 years ago
Kennan c05ffe1693 Remove contrib directory for devstack 7 years ago