21 Commits (cbe05aa97d90d3ac38d55fcee472ec2130aa1327)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Feng Shengqin 8baedc2b72 Fix typo in magnum/hacking/checks.py for consistency 5 years ago
indicoliteplus 37093b2436 Revert "Using assertFalse(A) instead of assertEqual(False, A)" 5 years ago
jinzhenguo 014da56bbb Remove duplicated hacking rule M318,M319 5 years ago
yuanpeng 71d25456d2 Remove log translations 5 years ago
yatin karel fb0057c105 Add i18n translation for Log messages 6 years ago
Vivek Jain 28c8014ff0 Add hacking rule for explicit import of _ function 6 years ago
yatinkarel 5c2fc0b392 Added hacking check to ensure LOG.warn is not used 6 years ago
huang.huayong 514dc58906 add hacking for assertIsNotNone 6 years ago
Deeksha 4205f39a00 Add hacking check to ensure not use xrange() 6 years ago
houming-wang 7b754ae390 WSGI enfore fails should return 403 instead of 500 7 years ago
houming-wang 98875345c2 Performance: leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274 7 years ago
wangqun 8c7925a018 timeutils.utcnow should be used instead of datetime.datetime.utcnow 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 798c7e35ef Use assertIn and assertNotIn 7 years ago
wangqun 87d6056846 Use assertIsInstance instead of assertTrue(isinstance(a, b)) 7 years ago
wangqun 082c8ed0b8 Use assertIsNotNone instead of assertEqual(** is not None) 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 2eea193d77 Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F) 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau e97f70788c Use assertIsNone instead of assertEqual(None, ***) 7 years ago
Hongbin Lu 0b9b7de79a Eliminate mutable default arguments 7 years ago
Eli Qiao f67e67ec9a Correct Hacking rule code 7 years ago
Eli Qiao de7da996b5 Add hacking rule framework for magnum 7 years ago