38 Commits (cbe05aa97d90d3ac38d55fcee472ec2130aa1327)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Emanuel Andrecut e5eade03dc Add information about the cluster in magnum event notifications 3 years ago
Theodoros Tsioutsias 18c77a288d ng-2: Adapt existing cluster APIs and conductor 3 years ago
Feilong Wang c38edc6929 [k8s] Update cluster health status by native API 3 years ago
Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson f2fd732ce2 Trivial code cleanups 4 years ago
Feilong Wang a26c2225b6 Deprecate send_cluster_metrics 4 years ago
Kirsten G cf84683940 Add send_cluster_metrics configuration parameter 4 years ago
coldmoment ba8ad5e37f Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging 5 years ago
yuanpeng 71d25456d2 Remove log translations 5 years ago
Tovin Seven 32d088b2c1 Integrate OSProfiler in Magnum 6 years ago
Randall Burt 84a9464957 Move cluster status notifications out of driver 6 years ago
Randall Burt 759c1b3b2b Move cluster status updates into driver 6 years ago
Hieu LE 1a97476593 Centralize config option: rpc periodic section 6 years ago
Jaycen Grant 729c2d0ab4 Rename Bay DB, Object, and internal usage to Cluster 6 years ago
Cao Xuan Hoang 33bd24252f Clean imports in code 6 years ago
Jaycen Grant eaddb942fd Rename Bay to Cluster in api 6 years ago
Wenzhi Yu 63b5c21c8d Rollback bay on update failure 6 years ago
yatin karel fb0057c105 Add i18n translation for Log messages 6 years ago
Johannes Grassler f895b2bd09 Fix global stack list in periodic task 6 years ago
PanFengyun f9c662e709 Fix string declaration in periodic.py 6 years ago
ting.wang b9aa042293 Replace string format arguments with function parameters 6 years ago
Dinesh Bhor e7be462a24 Fix invalid import order 7 years ago
Wanlong Gao 6ac4ce2eb1 Python 3 deprecated the logger.warn method in favor of warning 7 years ago
Surojit Pathak d024bc60c4 Decoupling magnum service from periodic task 7 years ago
Surojit Pathak ab5a173e6d Adding dev-notes for try-catch block in periodic task 7 years ago
Tom Cammann d2e05d4e9b Refactor periodic task sync_bay_status 7 years ago
Hongbin Lu b88085c93c Implement bay monitoring and notifications 7 years ago
Surojit Pathak 3674ce278d Backend support for magnum service 7 years ago
mathspanda 235877bebc Sync bay status reason in periodic task 7 years ago
Hongbin Lu fa5bcee4ab Move 'all_tenants' options to context 7 years ago
Cale Rath e4add16a69 Use oslo.versionedobjects enums instead of status strings 7 years ago
mathspanda a1ffe63454 Fix wrong usage of filters in periodic task 7 years ago
Hua Wang e495f81b39 Fix race condition when syncing bay status across conductors 7 years ago
Joe Cropper 16688d42a7 Clean up miscellaneous help strings 7 years ago
Eli Qiao fd57cb4372 Add periodic task to sync up bay status 7 years ago
Eli Qiao fbe5b8065f Add periodic task framework 7 years ago