2 Commits (d8df9d0c367943546e2f6498f7e3f5d1396126bc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Spyros Trigazis d2532a3af2 Upgrade to Fedora 25 5 years ago
murali allada 104501cfe6 Cluster Drivers 5 years ago
Vijendar Komalla 50bc376c4d Include version info in bay/cluster show operation 5 years ago
Vijendar Komalla a5ae8b37aa Bay driver: k8s Fedora Atomic 5 years ago
Murali Allada 4080d4a84c Bay driver implementation 5 years ago
Michael Sambol 77397eecc6 Drop XML support in Magnum 6 years ago
Kennan e36e8ee5d0 change old oslo.concurrency to oslo_concurrency 7 years ago
Pradeep Kilambi 8213e71cb1 Implement python interface to execute k8s CLI services 7 years ago
digambar 9bd22e2c77 Initial commit from github (squashed) 7 years ago