4687 Commits (d8df9d0c367943546e2f6498f7e3f5d1396126bc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Spyros Trigazis 9f3719674b Use python3 for functional tests 2 years ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson 41cd85794f Use MultiType and types.text instead of str 2 years ago
  Bharat Kunwar 6a03482717 Bump k8s version up to v1.11.5 2 years ago
  Michal Arbet 54bea06b5a Fix python3 compatibility 3 years ago
  Feilong Wang b6936894c4 Fix prometheus monitoring 3 years ago
  Lingxian Kong 49d0444974 Do not use 'exit' in the script 2 years ago
  Zuul 6e19837ad1 Merge "Removed admin_* from devstack config" 2 years ago
  Zuul f3ee6b54cb Merge "Release note for cluster pre-delete" 2 years ago
  Zuul 06a92ccec3 Merge "Remove -U from pip install" 2 years ago
  ricolin 63aa9caf4d Remove -U from pip install 4 years ago
  Diogo Guerra 09f880743d Enable CoreDNS prometheus metrics plugin 2 years ago
  Feilong Wang 59da4e25a6 Support Keystone AuthN and AuthZ for k8s 3 years ago
  Zuul 0bf9ccadcb Merge "containers: clean-up build code" 2 years ago
  Zuul 30f6859b13 Merge "Change docker image pulling policy from Always to IfNotPresent" 2 years ago
  Zuul 484ef3a483 Merge "k8s_build: Build kubernetes v1.11.6 containers" 2 years ago
  Zuul 99d5a3dcbf Merge "k8s_fedora: Use external kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack" 2 years ago
  Guang Yee ffc61816c8 support http/https proxy for discovery url 2 years ago
  Zuul 019133d7b3 Merge "fix bug link in readme" 3 years ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson ba1ca0e499 Removed admin_* from devstack config 3 years ago
  leledashenqi 26c28a03d2 Change docker image pulling policy from Always to IfNotPresent 3 years ago
  Jim Bach 6c61a1a949 k8s_fedora: Use external kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser b6ad606bd2 containers: clean-up build code 3 years ago
  Spyros Trigazis b577aa42c3 k8s_build: Build kubernetes v1.11.6 containers 3 years ago
  Zuul 40980e7bdb Merge "[k8s] Cluster creation speedup" 3 years ago
  Zuul 8eedd4e087 Merge "Delete Octavia loadbalancers for fedora atomic k8s driver" 3 years ago
  Zuul aaf549bada Merge "Fix use of magnum_repository in container-publish" 3 years ago
  Spyros Trigazis d391dbdc3d Fix use of magnum_repository in container-publish 3 years ago
  Zuul a9bf7fb236 Merge "Changes in container builder" 3 years ago
  Spyros Trigazis 60c996d2b4 Changes in container builder 3 years ago
  Lingxian Kong cae7fa21b6 [k8s] Cluster creation speedup 3 years ago
  Zuul 36e64fad69 Merge "functional: bump flavor specs" 3 years ago
  Spyros Trigazis 20d965c864 Build images in the ci 3 years ago
  Lingxian Kong a980208984 Release note for cluster pre-delete 3 years ago
  Lingxian Kong e18ced4d5c Delete Octavia loadbalancers for fedora atomic k8s driver 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser 844e4db2a9 functional: stop using concurrency of 1 for api tests 3 years ago
  Zuul c8ab4efcbc Merge "functional: use vexxhost-specific nodes with nested virt" 3 years ago
  Zuul c857276648 Merge "functional: use default admission_control_list values" 3 years ago
  Zuul e52cfa7a3f Merge "functional: bump atomic version to latest" 3 years ago
  Zuul 2784cbcd93 Merge "functional: add body for delete_namespaced_service in k8s" 3 years ago
  Zuul d62d58ac1a Merge "functional: retrieve cluster to get stack_id" 3 years ago
  Zuul 1ed47b023b Merge "Add iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT unit" 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser 98fcd79430 functional: bump flavor specs 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser 2e2ebaf679 functional: use vexxhost-specific nodes with nested virt 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser 3646a59eac functional: use default admission_control_list values 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser d16479709a functional: bump atomic version to latest 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser e0fd3f9ef1 functional: add body for delete_namespaced_service in k8s 3 years ago
  Mohammed Naser d6cc77b16f functional: retrieve cluster to get stack_id 3 years ago
  ZhijunWei cc8caf52a8 fix bug link in readme 3 years ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson f27bde7171 Add support for www_authenticate_uri in ContextHook 3 years ago
  Zuul b095d012e2 Merge "Add Octavia python client for Magnum" 3 years ago