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Hieu LE e06004d9f5 Implement basic policy module in code 5 years ago
Vijendar Komalla 51e833137b Magnum stats API 6 years ago
Feng Shengqin c3911af299 add cluster and clustertemplate to 6 years ago
PanFengyun 98516d4fa4 Clean rc from unit tests 6 years ago
Tom Cammann 40aa6550f1 Remove container object 6 years ago
Tom Cammann 3e02840628 Remove service object 6 years ago
Tom Cammann d20e5ef715 Remove pod object 6 years ago
Hua Wang 342e83f033 Remove node object from Magnum 7 years ago
Surojit Pathak deae4e44b0 Modify admin_api policy rule 7 years ago
Hua Wang ebc26f02c4 Remove redundant code about fake_policy 7 years ago
yuntongjin d9739584bf policy check for container 7 years ago
yuntongjin 959f2330d7 policy check for service 7 years ago
yuntongjin ffb2840892 policy check for rc 7 years ago
leizhang 7566f1304e policy check for pod 7 years ago
Yongli He 4ecd46800b policy check for node 7 years ago
Yongli He 24dcc5b8fd policy check for baymodel 7 years ago
yuntongjin d057f8c442 first policy check for bay 7 years ago