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Pierre Padrixe 61de9551bd Fix dockerfile comment containing unrecognized argument 'host'
Change-Id: If2781a3234284965ed7f99d7a464f3df03f2cceb
2014-12-01 15:41:29 +01:00
Jenkins 4a92e45cbc Merge "Fix docker container." 2014-11-28 13:58:29 +00:00
Pierre Padrixe 1c92cf4e82 Avoid apt-get update getting cached in Dockerfile
Change-Id: Ieb4aaa4c8cfe1e4f131e2b8b734a09374d84dc0d
2014-11-28 10:59:13 +01:00
Ian Main 883b45d4b3 Fix docker container.
Command to start magnum was wrong, it doesn't accept --host.

Change-Id: I44e2aa0b6996943d5b6567be42b1fe92d6dd3952
2014-11-26 18:17:40 -08:00
Pierre Padrixe 566c5f4b9c Fix python-pip package not found in Dockerfile
Change-Id: I88cde38cd44d067b11a48cb043fe2fd017867011
2014-11-26 18:49:46 +01:00
Abhishek Chanda 05ed696684 Small Dockerfile changes
- Removed the entry from sources.list
  main and universe were already in the trusty image. This resulted
  in warnings during apt-get update
- Fixed a typo in example

Change-Id: I343f4863f1a91604f81e8e1c21f565e94a79feed
2014-11-20 14:47:31 -08:00
Adrian Otto e995a4d65d Dockerfile Improvements
- Adjusted port to 9511 to allow external access to the service.
- Added instructions.

Change-Id: Ibe337ee26d52d5a47f1d7dde8bf38da4501ad9a9
2014-11-20 21:36:19 +00:00
Davanum Srinivas d7e4bbeaaa Add DockerFile to run magnum-api service
Ability to start the magnum api service in a docker container

Co-Authored-By: Eric Windisch <>
Change-Id: Idf5189403f60a66e80f86ba49fb3a5f8e914d9d2
2014-11-20 13:22:52 -05:00