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Davanum Srinivas 17c5711c55 Remove imports from oslo namespaces
Oslo team is recommending everyone to use the direct imports and
not use the Oslo namespaces. So switch all our code to use oslo_*
instead of "from oslo." or "import oslo" or "from oslo"

NOTE: some of the tests still have mocks referring to oslo.utils
as the tests break otherwise. We should do this later.

Closes-bug: #1419385
Change-Id: I8e3fbeb833cddc3f55674a0e781ffe69d5033ad4
2015-02-08 02:59:30 +00:00
Davanum Srinivas d43259dbf2 Cleanup code and remove newly ignored hack rules
newer hacking has rules for the following:
  H105  Don't use author tags
  H238  old style class declaration, use new style (inherit from `object`)
  W292 no newline at end of file

So we need to clean them up and stop ignoring them

Change-Id: I12b995cf87d6bc0938298f397b41a4693627bb4b
2015-02-06 22:40:23 -05:00
OTSUKA, Yuanying c6c606b277 Split up extracting file
The file does a couple of things, It contains keystone authentication
and to set request context. So this split up to two files.
After this commit, request hook should be included in

Related-Bug: #1406539
Change-Id: I1754da40383976e48f6fd4ca23911717f918f9bb
2014-12-30 23:02:29 +09:00
OTSUKA, Yuanying 2e7b9046a8 Fix RequestContext attributes
'auth_url', 'auth_token_info' and 'trust_id' is required to create heatclient.
So this commit added these.

Change-Id: If17c87770f2e4d93dae5e1262faa5b44cc5cfdef
2014-12-25 11:12:58 +09:00
OTSUKA, Yuanying b4e20a0ef0 Fix authentication
auth_token is not set in this fixes it.

Change-Id: I510541fd6a1b9d499aa32ec18495db867ef50223
2014-12-17 18:44:03 +09:00
Davanum Srinivas aba1d2bf99 Switch to keystonemiddleware
Change-Id: I92a6b8f79a503896e34f1915b6fb32916b642e6f
2014-12-01 12:14:51 -05:00
Steven Dake a6e2e42115 Authenticate all API calls
There are no PUBLIC_ENDPOINTS in our ReST API.  THis was copied from
Solum which does have some public endpoints.  As a result, just remove
all of the public endpoints.  Now auth is done on every API call.

Also it is helpful to install the authentication wrapper.

Change-Id: I197f690ef6f2ea0756503ee2d44fb721e840f256
2014-11-25 15:53:36 -07:00
Steven Dake 62bfbf6045 Add Keystone authentication to rest API
Authenticate requests via keystone to the REST API.

Change-Id: Ie45e5325c2f9cd892c60ff37acfcd1ceecc82e32
2014-11-19 11:24:33 -07:00