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Davanum Srinivas 17c5711c55 Remove imports from oslo namespaces
Oslo team is recommending everyone to use the direct imports and
not use the Oslo namespaces. So switch all our code to use oslo_*
instead of "from oslo." or "import oslo" or "from oslo"

NOTE: some of the tests still have mocks referring to oslo.utils
as the tests break otherwise. We should do this later.

Closes-bug: #1419385
Change-Id: I8e3fbeb833cddc3f55674a0e781ffe69d5033ad4
8 years ago
Kennan 9e094899cf Fix deprecated warning for oslo.serialization
Closes-Bug: #1411457
Change-Id: I9244c638e1730d9e16ce0c95b6425de574272d35
9 years ago
Kennan e36e8ee5d0 change old oslo.concurrency to oslo_concurrency
as oslo.concurrency deprecated, need to sync to latest usage

Change-Id: I151f2ef3d786745ef11f9b9c2be2aff167218fff
9 years ago
Abhishek Chanda 92e3ebee20 Migrate to oslo.context
Remove deprecated oslo incubator code

Change-Id: Iee16111fc86aef83603251aedf6d58f6da78fc92
9 years ago
Steven Dake a957f3de24 Add dependencies from oslo-incubator for RPC services
These dependencies are required to create an RPC service.  They are direct
copies of oslo-incubator.git master using python ./

Change-Id: I09c67b1ddf2e74f32aad7482b69f563b4695696e
9 years ago
Steven Dake ab5b4265e5 Update openstack.common from oslo-incubator
run from oslo-icubator.git on the repository.

Change-Id: I5fb73100b8fd4365fada7b17d4f4780fc387a1ca
9 years ago
Pradeep Kilambi 8213e71cb1 Implement python interface to execute k8s CLI services
Implements interface to interact with kubectl commands for
services and pod operations.

Change-Id: I86bd0e5be93e258a14dc750cc6a4a3cb2fa4a448
Implements: blueprint magnum-backend-kubernetes-cli
9 years ago
Steven Dake 1080e98cb9 Add versionutils from oslo-incubator
versionutils is necessary to implement versioned objects copied
from Nova/Ironic.

Change-Id: I81a228a186ce583e9cd2cf8cd98bcb6167a6a5f0
9 years ago
Steven Dake cc0a72e361 Add context base module from oslo-incubator
context base module is needed

Change-Id: I5701588501aa3a62eb7c2420d47ac9313f61236d
9 years ago
Steven Dake 290597d7ff Import oslo-incubator's logging library
We need the logging library brought in.

Change-Id: I8c02c1598e4a2fea63e28c8ffb809d28981993ed
9 years ago