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Kennan 483b945bbe Fix the miss opts in genconfig
Closes-Bug: #1413055
Change-Id: Ieb60df0a82e3dfc6303464584210744069f81078
8 years ago
Kennan 7daa7b434d Fix the opts in genconfig issue
there is a lot of options not include in opts, which cause genconfig
not include such config, this patch fix that

Change-Id: I3774930563644b402b74b66b776f13d810fe6f32
9 years ago
Abhishek Chanda a71f6c7d10 Enable automatic sample config generation
- Added an entry_point for oslo config generator
- Added a script to enumerate config options
- Added a tox target to invoke config generator

Change-Id: I16a2e622db18f8ac4deeecc17e87bb2b5edf3826
9 years ago