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Currently Magnum can support health monitoring for Kubernetes cluster. There are two scenarios supported now: internal and external.

Internal Health Monitoring

Magnum has a periodic job to poll the k8s cluster if it is a reachable cluster. If the floating IP is enabled, or the master loadbalancer is enabled and the master loadbalancer has floating IP associated, then Magnum will take this cluster as reachable. Then Magnum will call the k8s API per 10 seconds to poll the health status of the cluster and then update the two attributes: health_status and health_status_reason.

External Health Montorning

Currently, only magnum-auto-healer is able to update cluster's health_status and health_status_reason attributes. Both the label auto_healing_enabled=True and auto_healing_controller=magnum-auto-healer must be set, otherwise, the two attributes' value will be overwritten with 'UNKNOWN' and 'The cluster is not accessible'. The health_status attribute can either be in HEALTHY, UNHEALTHY or UNKNOWN and the health_status_reason is a dictionary of the hostnames and their current health statuses and the API health status.