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Magnum Style Commandments
- Step 1: Read the OpenStack Style Commandments
- Step 2: Read on
Magnum Specific Commandments
- [M302] Change assertEqual(A is not None) by optimal assert like
- [M310] timeutils.utcnow() wrapper must be used instead of direct calls to
datetime.datetime.utcnow() to make it easy to override its return value.
- [M316] Change assertTrue(isinstance(A, B)) by optimal assert like
assertIsInstance(A, B).
- [M322] Method's default argument shouldn't be mutable.
- [M323] Change assertEqual(True, A) or assertEqual(False, A) by optimal assert
like assertTrue(A) or assertFalse(A)
- [M336] Must use a dict comprehension instead of a dict constructor
with a sequence of key-value pairs.
- [M338] Use assertIn/NotIn(A, B) rather than assertEqual(A in B, True/False).
- [M339] Don't use xrange()
- [M340] Check for explicit import of the _ function.
- [M352] LOG.warn is deprecated. Enforce use of LOG.warning.