Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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REST API Version History

This documents the changes made to the REST API with every microversion change. The description for each version should be a verbose one which has enough information to be suitable for use in user documentation.


This is the initial version of the v1.1 API which supports microversions. The v1.1 API is from the REST API users's point of view exactly the same as v1.0 except with strong input validation.

A user can specify a header in the API request:

OpenStack-API-Version: <version>

where <version> is any valid api version for this API.

If no version is specified then the API will behave as if a version request of v1.1 was requested.


Support for async cluster (previously known as bay) operations

Before v1.2 all magnum bay operations were synchronous and as a result API requests were blocked until response from HEAT service is received. With this change cluster-create/bay-create, cluster-update/bay-update and cluster-delete/bay-delete calls will be asynchronous.


Rollback cluster (previously known as bay) on update failure

User can enable rollback on bay update failure by specifying microversion 1.3 in header({'OpenStack-API-Version': 'container-infra 1.3'}) and passing 'rollback=True' when issuing cluster/bay update request. For example:- - http://XXX/v1/clusters/XXX/?rollback=True or - http://XXX/v1/bays/XXX/?rollback=True


Add stats API

An admin user can get total number of clusters and nodes for a specified tenant or for all the tenants and also a non-admin user can get self stats. For example:- - http://XXX/v1/stats or - http://XXX/v1/stats?project_id=<project-id> or - http://XXX/v1/stats?project_id=<project-id>&type=<stats-type>


Support for cluster CA certificate rotation

This gives admins a way to revoke access to an existing cluster once a user has been granted access.


Add quotas API

An admin user can set/update/delete/list quotas for the given tenant. A non-admin user can get self quota information.