Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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guilhermesteinmuller 439548e3de Fix ostree_* upgrade 7 months ago
api Merge "Update API version history doc" 5 months ago
cmd Monkey patch original current_thread _active 1 year ago
common Re-use transport for rpc server 5 months ago
conductor Allow nodegroups with node_count equal to 0 5 months ago
conf [k8s] Support configurable health polling interval 1 year ago
db Merge "Do not create constraints for boolean fields" 4 months ago
drivers Fix ostree_* upgrade 4 months ago
hacking Update hacking for Python3 1 year ago
objects Add CT tags field to the database and API 5 months ago
service [k8s] Support configurable health polling interval 1 year ago
servicegroup Trivial code cleanups 3 years ago
tests Merge "3. Configure monitoring apps path based endpoints" 4 months ago Initial commit from github (squashed) 7 years ago Remove log translations 4 years ago Remove coding:utf-8 6 years ago