Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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yatin 43d623ec0c Add zuul v3 jobs in stable/ocata 1 year ago
api Pass a mutable target to oslo policy enforcer 1 year ago
cmd Merge "Support magnum-api multiple process workers" 2 years ago
common Remove reliance on osprofiler configuration section 1 year ago
conductor Fix CVE-2016-7404 2 years ago
conf Enable custom keystone endpoint_type in templates 2 years ago
db Fix CVE-2016-7404 2 years ago
drivers Update CoreDNS to 011 1 year ago
hacking Add i18n translation for Log messages 2 years ago
objects Resource Quota - Limit clusters per project 2 years ago
service Integrate OSProfiler in Magnum 2 years ago
servicegroup Cleanup MagnumService Object usage 3 years ago
tests Add zuul v3 jobs in stable/ocata 1 year ago Initial commit from github (squashed) 4 years ago Setup for translation 4 years ago Remove coding:utf-8 3 years ago