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Web Interface for Magnum in Horizon

Launchpad blueprint:

Currently there is no way for a user to interact with Magnum through a web based user interface, as they are used to doing with other OpenStack components. This implementation aims to introduce this interface as an extension of Horizon (the OpenStack Dashboard) and expose all the features of Magnum in a way familiar to users.

Problem description

In order to increase adoption and usability of Magnum we need to introduce a UI component for users and administrators to interact with Magnum without the need to use the command line. The UI proposed to be built will model all of the features currently available in the Magnum REST API and built using the Horizon plugin architecture to remain in line with other OpenStack UI projects and minimise the amount of new code that needs to be added.

Use Cases

  1. An end user wanting to use Magnum with OpenStack who is not comfortable in issuing commands with the python client will use the web user interface to interact with Magnum.
  2. An administrator may use the user interface to provide a quick overview of what Magnum has deployed in their OpenStack environment.

Proposed change

The first step will be to extend the Horizon API to include CRUD operations that are needed to interact with Magnum. Assuming that there are no issues here and API changes/additions are not required to Magnum, we can begin to design/implement the interface. We will aim to minimize the amount of Magnum specific UI code that will need to be maintained by reusing components from Horizon. This will also speed up the development significantly.

It is suggested the initial implementation of Magnum UI will include basic CRUD operations on BayModel and Bay resources. This will be the starting point for development and upon completion this will represent version 1.

Future direction includes adding CRUD operations for other Magnum features (Pod, Container, Service, ReplicationController) and will be tracked by new blueprints as they represent significant additional effort. The ultimate goal, a user should be able to perform all normal interactions with Magnum through the UI with no need for interaction with the python client.

Suggestions for further improvement include visualising Magnum resources to provide a quick overview of how resources are deployed.

Bugs/Blueprints relating specifically to the Magnum UI will be tracked here:

Mockups/Designs will be shared using the OpenStack Invision account located here:


One alternative to this approach is to develop an entirely separate UI specifically for Magnum. We will not use this approach as it does not fall in line with how other projects are managing their user interfaces and this approach would ultimately result in a significantly larger effort with much duplication with Horizon.

Data model impact


REST API impact

For Magnum, none. The Horizon API will need to be extended to include Create, Read, Update, Delete operations for all features available in the Magnum REST API. However, this extension to the Horizon API will live in the Magnum UI tree not the upstream Horizon tree.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact

The Magnum API will be called from the user interface to return information to the user about the current state of Magnum objects and perform new interactions with Magnum. For every action a user performs from the user interface at least one API call to Magnum will need to be made.

Other deployer impact

As the Magnum user interface will be managed and stored outside of the Horizon project deployers will need to pull down the Magnum UI code and add this to their Horizon install.

In order to add the Magnum UI to Horizon the deployer will have to copy an enable file to openstack_dashboard/local/enabled/ in their Horizon directory and then run Horizon as they would normally.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  1. Extend Horizon API in include Magnum calls
  2. CRUD operations on BayModel and Bay resources
  3. CRUD operations on other Magnum features (Pod, Container, Service, etc.)
  4. Refine the user experience




Each commit will be accompanied with unit tests. There will also be functional tests which will be used as part of a cross-functional gate test for Magnum. This additional gate test will be non-voting as failures will not indicate issues with Magnum but instead serves as advanced warning of any changes that could potentially break the UI.

Documentation Impact

An installation guide will be required.