Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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# Copyright 2013 UnitedStack Inc.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from oslo_utils import timeutils
import pecan
from pecan import rest
import wsme
from wsme import types as wtypes
from magnum.api import attr_validator
from magnum.api.controllers import base
from magnum.api.controllers import link
from magnum.api.controllers.v1 import collection
from magnum.api.controllers.v1 import types
from magnum.api import expose
from magnum.api import utils as api_utils
from magnum.api.validation import validate_bay_properties
from magnum.common import exception
from magnum.common import policy
from magnum import objects
from magnum.objects import fields
class BayPatchType(types.JsonPatchType):
def mandatory_attrs():
return ['/baymodel_id']
def internal_attrs():
internal_attrs = ['/api_address', '/node_addresses',
'/master_addresses', '/stack_id',
'/ca_cert_ref', '/magnum_cert_ref',
'/trust_id', '/trustee_user_name',
'/trustee_password', '/trustee_user_id']
return types.JsonPatchType.internal_attrs() + internal_attrs
class Bay(base.APIBase):
"""API representation of a bay.
This class enforces type checking and value constraints, and converts
between the internal object model and the API representation of a bay.
_baymodel_id = None
def _get_baymodel_id(self):
return self._baymodel_id
def _set_baymodel_id(self, value):
if value and self._baymodel_id != value:
baymodel = api_utils.get_rpc_resource('BayModel', value)
self._baymodel_id = baymodel.uuid
except exception.BayModelNotFound as e:
# Change error code because 404 (NotFound) is inappropriate
# response for a POST request to create a Bay
e.code = 400 # BadRequest
raise e
elif value == wtypes.Unset:
self._baymodel_id = wtypes.Unset
uuid = types.uuid
"""Unique UUID for this bay"""
name = wtypes.StringType(min_length=1, max_length=255)
"""Name of this bay"""
baymodel_id = wsme.wsproperty(wtypes.text, _get_baymodel_id,
_set_baymodel_id, mandatory=True)
"""The baymodel UUID"""
node_count = wsme.wsattr(wtypes.IntegerType(minimum=1), default=1)
"""The node count for this bay. Default to 1 if not set"""
master_count = wsme.wsattr(wtypes.IntegerType(minimum=1), default=1)
"""The number of master nodes for this bay. Default to 1 if not set"""
bay_create_timeout = wsme.wsattr(wtypes.IntegerType(minimum=0), default=0)
"""Timeout for creating the bay in minutes. Default to 0 if not set"""
links = wsme.wsattr([link.Link], readonly=True)
"""A list containing a self link and associated bay links"""
stack_id = wsme.wsattr(wtypes.text, readonly=True)
"""Stack id of the heat stack"""
status = wtypes.Enum(str, *fields.BayStatus.ALL)
"""Status of the bay from the heat stack"""
status_reason = wtypes.text
"""Status reason of the bay from the heat stack"""
discovery_url = wtypes.text
"""Url used for bay node discovery"""
api_address = wsme.wsattr(wtypes.text, readonly=True)
"""Api address of cluster master node"""
node_addresses = wsme.wsattr([wtypes.text], readonly=True)
"""IP addresses of cluster slave nodes"""
master_addresses = wsme.wsattr([wtypes.text], readonly=True)
"""IP addresses of cluster master nodes"""
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super(Bay, self).__init__()
self.fields = []
for field in objects.Bay.fields:
# Skip fields we do not expose.
if not hasattr(self, field):
setattr(self, field, kwargs.get(field, wtypes.Unset))
def _convert_with_links(bay, url, expand=True):
if not expand:
bay.unset_fields_except(['uuid', 'name', 'baymodel_id',
'node_count', 'status',
'bay_create_timeout', 'master_count',
bay.links = [link.Link.make_link('self', url,
'bays', bay.uuid),
link.Link.make_link('bookmark', url,
'bays', bay.uuid,
return bay
def convert_with_links(cls, rpc_bay, expand=True):
bay = Bay(**rpc_bay.as_dict())
return cls._convert_with_links(bay, pecan.request.host_url, expand)
def sample(cls, expand=True):
sample = cls(uuid='27e3153e-d5bf-4b7e-b517-fb518e17f34c',
status_reason="CREATE completed successfully",
node_addresses=['', ''],
return cls._convert_with_links(sample, 'http://localhost:9511', expand)
class BayCollection(collection.Collection):
"""API representation of a collection of bays."""
bays = [Bay]
"""A list containing bays objects"""
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self._type = 'bays'
def convert_with_links(rpc_bays, limit, url=None, expand=False, **kwargs):
collection = BayCollection()
collection.bays = [Bay.convert_with_links(p, expand)
for p in rpc_bays] = collection.get_next(limit, url=url, **kwargs)
return collection
def sample(cls):
sample = cls()
sample.bays = [Bay.sample(expand=False)]
return sample
class BaysController(rest.RestController):
"""REST controller for Bays."""
def __init__(self):
super(BaysController, self).__init__()
_custom_actions = {
'detail': ['GET'],
def _get_bays_collection(self, marker, limit,
sort_key, sort_dir, expand=False,
limit = api_utils.validate_limit(limit)
sort_dir = api_utils.validate_sort_dir(sort_dir)
marker_obj = None
if marker:
marker_obj = objects.Bay.get_by_uuid(pecan.request.context,
bays = pecan.request.rpcapi.bay_list(
pecan.request.context, limit,
marker_obj, sort_key=sort_key,
return BayCollection.convert_with_links(bays, limit,
@expose.expose(BayCollection, types.uuid, int, wtypes.text,
def get_all(self, marker=None, limit=None, sort_key='id',
"""Retrieve a list of bays.
:param marker: pagination marker for large data sets.
:param limit: maximum number of resources to return in a single result.
:param sort_key: column to sort results by. Default: id.
:param sort_dir: direction to sort. "asc" or "desc". Default: asc.
return self._get_bays_collection(marker, limit, sort_key,
@expose.expose(BayCollection, types.uuid, int, wtypes.text,
def detail(self, marker=None, limit=None, sort_key='id',
"""Retrieve a list of bays with detail.
:param marker: pagination marker for large data sets.
:param limit: maximum number of resources to return in a single result.
:param sort_key: column to sort results by. Default: id.
:param sort_dir: direction to sort. "asc" or "desc". Default: asc.
# NOTE(lucasagomes): /detail should only work against collections
parent = pecan.request.path.split('/')[:-1][-1]
if parent != "bays":
raise exception.HTTPNotFound
expand = True
resource_url = '/'.join(['bays', 'detail'])
return self._get_bays_collection(marker, limit,
sort_key, sort_dir, expand,
@expose.expose(Bay, types.uuid_or_name)
@policy.enforce_wsgi("bay", "get")
def get_one(self, bay_ident):
"""Retrieve information about the given bay.
:param bay_ident: UUID of a bay or logical name of the bay.
rpc_bay = api_utils.get_rpc_resource('Bay', bay_ident)
return Bay.convert_with_links(rpc_bay)
@expose.expose(Bay, body=Bay, status_code=201)
@policy.enforce_wsgi("bay", "create")
def post(self, bay):
"""Create a new bay.
:param bay: a bay within the request body.
bay_dict = bay.as_dict()
context = pecan.request.context
bay_dict['project_id'] = context.project_id
bay_dict['user_id'] = context.user_id
if bay_dict.get('name') is None:
bay_dict['name'] = None
new_bay = objects.Bay(context, **bay_dict)
res_bay = pecan.request.rpcapi.bay_create(new_bay,
# Set the HTTP Location Header
pecan.response.location = link.build_url('bays', res_bay.uuid)
return Bay.convert_with_links(res_bay)
@wsme.validate(types.uuid, [BayPatchType])
@expose.expose(Bay, types.uuid_or_name, body=[BayPatchType])
@policy.enforce_wsgi("bay", "update")
def patch(self, bay_ident, patch):
"""Update an existing bay.
:param bay_ident: UUID or logical name of a bay.
:param patch: a json PATCH document to apply to this bay.
rpc_bay = api_utils.get_rpc_resource('Bay', bay_ident)
bay_dict = rpc_bay.as_dict()
bay = Bay(**api_utils.apply_jsonpatch(bay_dict, patch))
except api_utils.JSONPATCH_EXCEPTIONS as e:
raise exception.PatchError(patch=patch, reason=e)
# Update only the fields that have changed
for field in objects.Bay.fields:
patch_val = getattr(bay, field)
except AttributeError:
# Ignore fields that aren't exposed in the API
if patch_val == wtypes.Unset:
patch_val = None
if rpc_bay[field] != patch_val:
rpc_bay[field] = patch_val
delta = rpc_bay.obj_what_changed()
res_bay = pecan.request.rpcapi.bay_update(rpc_bay)
return Bay.convert_with_links(res_bay)
@expose.expose(None, types.uuid_or_name, status_code=204)
@policy.enforce_wsgi("bay", "delete")
def delete(self, bay_ident):
"""Delete a bay.
:param bay_ident: UUID of a bay or logical name of the bay.
rpc_bay = api_utils.get_rpc_resource('Bay', bay_ident)