Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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new Openstack project for containers.


There are seven different types of objects in the Magnum system:

  • Bay: A collection of node objects where work is scheduled
  • BayModel: An object stores template information about the bay which is used to create new bays consistently
  • Node: A baremetal or virtual machine where work executes
  • Pod: A collection of containers running on one physical or virtual machine
  • Service: An abstraction which defines a logical set of pods and a policy by which to access them
  • ReplicationController: An abstraction for managing a group of PODs to ensure a specified number of PODs are running
  • Container: A docker container

Two binaries work together to compose the Magnum system. The first binary accessed by the python-magnumclient code is the magnum-api ReST server. The ReST server may run as one process or multiple processes. When a ReST request is sent to the client API, the request is sent via AMQP to the magnum-conductor process. The ReST server is horizontally scalable. At this time, the conductor is limited to one process, but we intend to add horizontal scalability to the conductor as well.

The magnum-conductor process runs on a controller machine and connects to a kubernetes or docker ReST API endpoint. The kubernetes and docker ReST API endpoints are managed by the bay object.

When service or pod objects are created, Kubernetes is directly contacted via the k8s ReST API. When container objects are acted upon, the docker ReST API is directly contacted.


  • Abstractions for bays, containers, nodes, pods, and services
  • Integration with Kubernetes and Docker for backend container technology.
  • Integration with Keystone for multi-tenant security.
  • Integration with Neutron for k8s multi-tenancy network security.

Installation and Usage