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Jim Bach 8f4643d85c
Make providing a keypair optional
4 years ago
controllers Trivial code cleanups 5 years ago
middleware Updates microversion root and error messages 7 years ago Initial commit from github (squashed) 8 years ago Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging 6 years ago
app.wsgi Add app.wsgi to target of pep8 5 years ago Make providing a keypair optional 4 years ago Fix api access with public acl routes 7 years ago Drop XML support in Magnum 8 years ago Fix a typo 6 years ago Add microversioning support for methods 7 years ago
rest_api_version_history.rst Add microversion and release notes for quotas API 6 years ago Remove the usage of MagnumObjectDictCompat from magnum_service 6 years ago Now user can update label values in cluster-template 5 years ago Devicemapper storage driver need specified volume 5 years ago Fix some typos 6 years ago