Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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# Copyright 2015 EasyStack, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from glanceclient import exc as glance_exception
from novaclient import exceptions as nova_exception
from oslo_serialization import jsonutils as json
from magnum.api import utils as api_utils
from magnum.common import clients
from magnum.common import exception
from magnum.i18n import _
SUPPORTED_ISOLATION = ['filesystem/posix', 'filesystem/linux',
'filesystem/shared', 'posix/cpu',
'posix/mem', 'posix/disk', 'cgroups/cpu',
'cgroups/mem', 'docker/runtime',
SUPPORTED_IMAGE_PROVIDERS = ['docker', 'appc']
SUPPORTED_SWARM_STRATEGY = ['spread', 'binpack', 'random']
def validate_image(cli, image):
"""Validate image"""
image_found = api_utils.get_openstack_resource(cli.glance().images,
image, 'images')
except (glance_exception.NotFound, exception.ResourceNotFound):
raise exception.ImageNotFound(image_id=image)
except glance_exception.HTTPForbidden:
raise exception.ImageNotAuthorized(image_id=image)
if not image_found.get('os_distro'):
raise exception.OSDistroFieldNotFound(image_id=image)
return image_found
def validate_flavor(cli, flavor):
"""Validate flavor.
If flavor is None, skip the validation and use the default value
from the heat template.
if flavor is None:
flavor_list = cli.nova().flavors.list()
for f in flavor_list:
if == flavor or == flavor:
raise exception.FlavorNotFound(flavor=flavor)
def validate_keypair(cli, keypair):
"""Validate keypair
validate the keypair, if provided.
if keypair is None:
except nova_exception.NotFound:
raise exception.KeyPairNotFound(keypair=keypair)
def validate_external_network(cli, external_network):
"""Validate external network"""
count = 0
ext_filter = {'router:external': True}
networks = cli.neutron().list_networks(**ext_filter)
for net in networks.get('networks'):
if (net.get('name') == external_network or
net.get('id') == external_network):
count = count + 1
if count == 0:
# Unable to find the external network.
# Or the network is private.
raise exception.ExternalNetworkNotFound(network=external_network)
if count > 1:
msg = _("Multiple external networks exist with same name '%s'. "
"Please use the external network ID instead.")
raise exception.Conflict(msg % external_network)
def validate_fixed_network(cli, fixed_network):
"""Validate fixed network"""
# TODO(houming):this method implement will be added after this
# first pathch for Cluster's OpenStack resources validation is merged.
def validate_labels(labels):
""""Validate labels"""
for attr, validate_method in labels_validators.items():
if labels.get(attr) is not None:
def validate_labels_isolation(labels):
"""Validate mesos_slave_isolation"""
mesos_slave_isolation = labels.get('mesos_slave_isolation')
mesos_slave_isolation_list = mesos_slave_isolation.split(',')
unsupported_isolations = set(mesos_slave_isolation_list) - set(
if (len(unsupported_isolations) > 0):
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_(
'property "labels/mesos_slave_isolation" with value '
'"%(isolation_val)s" is not supported, supported values are: '
'%(supported_isolation)s') % {
'isolation_val': ', '.join(list(unsupported_isolations)),
'supported_isolation': ', '.join(
SUPPORTED_ISOLATION + ['unspecified'])})
def validate_labels_image_providers(labels):
"""Validate mesos_slave_image_providers"""
mesos_slave_image_providers = labels.get('mesos_slave_image_providers')
mesos_slave_image_providers_list = mesos_slave_image_providers.split(',')
isolation_with_valid_data = False
for image_providers_val in mesos_slave_image_providers_list:
image_providers_val = image_providers_val.lower()
if image_providers_val not in SUPPORTED_IMAGE_PROVIDERS:
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_(
'property "labels/mesos_slave_image_providers" with value '
'"%(image_providers)s" is not supported, supported values '
'are: %(supported_image_providers)s') % {
'image_providers': image_providers_val,
'supported_image_providers': ', '.join(
SUPPORTED_IMAGE_PROVIDERS + ['unspecified'])})
if image_providers_val == 'docker':
mesos_slave_isolation = labels.get('mesos_slave_isolation')
if mesos_slave_isolation is not None:
mesos_slave_isolation_list = mesos_slave_isolation.split(',')
for isolations_val in mesos_slave_isolation_list:
if isolations_val == 'docker/runtime':
isolation_with_valid_data = True
if mesos_slave_isolation is None or not isolation_with_valid_data:
raise exception.RequiredParameterNotProvided(_(
"Docker runtime isolator has to be specified if 'docker' "
"is included in 'mesos_slave_image_providers' Please add "
"'docker/runtime' to 'mesos_slave_isolation' labels "
def validate_labels_executor_env_variables(labels):
"""Validate executor_environment_variables"""
mesos_slave_executor_env_val = labels.get(
except ValueError:
err = (_("Json format error"))
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(err)
def validate_labels_strategy(labels):
"""Validate swarm_strategy"""
swarm_strategy = list(labels.get('swarm_strategy', "").split())
unsupported_strategy = set(swarm_strategy) - set(
if (len(unsupported_strategy) > 0):
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_(
'property "labels/swarm_strategy" with value '
'"%(strategy)s" is not supported, supported values are: '
'%(supported_strategies)s') % {
'strategy': ' '.join(list(unsupported_strategy)),
'supported_strategies': ', '.join(
SUPPORTED_SWARM_STRATEGY + ['unspecified'])})
def validate_os_resources(context, cluster_template, cluster=None):
"""Validate ClusterTemplate's OpenStack Resources"""
cli = clients.OpenStackClients(context)
for attr, validate_method in validators.items():
if cluster and attr in cluster and cluster[attr]:
if attr != 'labels':
validate_method(cli, cluster[attr])
elif attr in cluster_template and cluster_template[attr] is not None:
if attr != 'labels':
validate_method(cli, cluster_template[attr])
if cluster:
validate_keypair(cli, cluster['keypair'])
def validate_master_count(cluster, cluster_template):
if cluster['master_count'] > 1 and \
not cluster_template['master_lb_enabled']:
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_(
"master_count must be 1 when master_lb_enabled is False"))
def validate_federation_hostcluster(cluster_uuid):
"""Validate Federation `hostcluster_id` parameter.
If the parameter was not specified raise an
`exceptions.InvalidParameterValue`. If the specified identifier does not
identify any Cluster, raise `exception.ClusterNotFound`
if cluster_uuid is not None:
api_utils.get_resource('Cluster', cluster_uuid)
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(
"No hostcluster specified. "
"Please specify a hostcluster_id.")
def validate_federation_properties(properties):
"""Validate Federation `properties` parameter."""
if properties is None:
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(
"Please specify a `properties` "
"dict for the federation.")
# Currently, we only support the property `dns-zone`.
if properties.get('dns-zone') is None:
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue("No DNS zone specified. "
"Please specify a `dns-zone`.")
# Dictionary that maintains a list of validation functions
validators = {'image_id': validate_image,
'flavor_id': validate_flavor,
'master_flavor_id': validate_flavor,
'external_network_id': validate_external_network,
'fixed_network': validate_fixed_network,
'labels': validate_labels}
labels_validators = {'mesos_slave_isolation': validate_labels_isolation,
'swarm_strategy': validate_labels_strategy}