Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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Zuul 9375dc2ae5 Merge "Rename scripts" 3 years ago
api Devicemapper storage driver need specified volume 3 years ago
cmd federation api: api endpoints 4 years ago
common Sync service account keys for multi masters 3 years ago
conductor Cache barbican certs for periodic tasks 4 years ago
conf Merge "Use HostAddressOpt for opts that accept IP and hostnames" 3 years ago
db Enables MySQL Cluster Support for Magnum 4 years ago
drivers Merge "Rename scripts" 3 years ago
hacking Fix typo in magnum/hacking/ for consistency 4 years ago
objects federation api: api endpoints 4 years ago
service Add send_cluster_metrics configuration parameter 4 years ago
servicegroup Cleanup MagnumService Object usage 6 years ago
tests Support disabling floating IPs in swarm mode 3 years ago Initial commit from github (squashed) 7 years ago Remove log translations 5 years ago Remove coding:utf-8 6 years ago