Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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Andrei Nistor 9910925da9 Change k8s-keystone-auth docker repo 3 years ago
.placeholder Add reno to Magnum 7 years ago
CVE-2016-7404-f53e62a4a40e4d30.yaml Add reno for cluster_user_trust option 6 years ago
RBAC-and-client-incompatibility-fdfeab326dfda3bf.yaml Add reno for RBAC and client incompatibility 5 years ago
add-container_infra_prefix-516cc43fbc5a0617.yaml k8s_fedora: Add container_infra_prefix label 5 years ago
add-docker-storage-driver-to-baymodel-1ed9ba8d43ecfea1.yaml Add docker-storage-driver attribute to baymodel 7 years ago
add-federation-api-cf55d04f96772b0f.yaml federation api: api endpoints 5 years ago
add-hostgw-backend-option-1d1f9d8d95ec374f.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
add-information-about-cluster-in-event-notifications-a3c992ab24b32fbd.yaml Add information about the cluster in magnum event notifications 3 years ago
add-k8s-label-for-portal-network-cidr-a09edab29da6e7da.yaml [k8s] Add new label `service_cluster_ip_range` 4 years ago
add-kubelet-to-master-nodes-da2d4ea0d3a332cd.yaml [k8s] Add kubelet to the master nodes 4 years ago
add-octavia-client-4e5520084eae3c2b.yaml Add Octavia python client for Magnum 4 years ago
add-opensuse-driver-f69b6d346ca82b87.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
add-overlay-networks-to-swarm-4467986d7853fcd8.yaml Add support for overlay networks in Swarm. 6 years ago
add-upgrade-check-framework-5057ad67a7690a14.yaml Add framework for magnum-status upgrade check 4 years ago
affinity-policy-for-mesos-template-def-82627eb231aa4d28.yaml make sure to set node_affinity_policy for Mesos template definition 4 years ago
allow-cluster-template-being-renamed-82f7d5d1f33a7957.yaml Allow cluster template being renamed 4 years ago
allow-multimaster-no-fip-b11520485012d949.yaml Allow multimaster lb with no floating ip option 5 years ago
allow-setting-network-subnet-FIP-when-creating-cluster-ae0cda35ade28a9f.yaml Allow setting network, subnet and FIP when creating cluster 3 years ago
async-bay-operations-support-9819bd06122ea9e5.yaml Support for async bay operations 6 years ago
availability_zone-2d73671f5ea065d8.yaml Add label availability_zone 5 years ago
boot-from-volume-7c73df68d7f325aa.yaml [fedora atomic k8s] Add boot from volume support 3 years ago
bp-add-kube-dashboard-8a9f7d7c73c2debd.yaml Add release note and doc changes for kube dashboard 6 years ago
bp-auto-generate-name-052ea3fdf05fdbbf.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
bp-barbican-alternative-store-35ec3eda0abb0e25.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
bp-container-monitoring-d4bb1cbd0a4e44cc.yaml [k8s] Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana 6 years ago
bp-decouple-lbaas-c8f2d73313c40b98.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
bp-keypair-override-on-create-ca8f12ffca41cd62.yaml Allow keypair to be added during cluster create 6 years ago
bp-magnum-notifications-8bd44cfe9e80f82b.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
bp-mesos-slave-flags-de6cf8c4d2c3c916.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
bp-secure-etcd-cluster-coe-5abd22546f05a85b.yaml Add reno: bp secure-etcd-cluster-coe 6 years ago
broken-kuberenetes-client-d2d1da6029825208.yaml kuberntes: Disable the scale_manager for scale down 5 years ago
bug-1580704-32a0e91e285792ea.yaml Add openstack_ca_file configuration option 5 years ago
bug-1614596-support-ssl-magnum-api-e4896928c6562e03.yaml Use werkzeug to run Magnum API with SSL 6 years ago
bug-1663757-198e1aa8fa810984.yaml Add verify_ca configuration parameter 5 years ago
bug-1697655-add-etcd-volume-size-label-abde0060595bbbeb.yaml Add reno for etcd_volume_size label 5 years ago
bug-1718947-0d4e67529e2817d7.yaml Generate stack name as a valid hostname 5 years ago
bug-1722522-d94743c6362a5e48.yaml Make docker_storage_driver a str instead of enum 5 years ago
bug-1766284-k8s-fedora-admin-user-e760f9b0edf49391.yaml k8s_fedora: Add admin user 5 years ago
bug-2002728-kube-os-conf-region-46cd60537bdabdb2.yaml Provide a region to the K8S Fedora Atomic config 4 years ago
bug-2002981-trustee-auth-region-name-37796a4e6a274fb8.yaml Trustee: provide region_name to auth_url searching 4 years ago
bug-2004942-052321df27529562.yaml Allow overwriting labels on swarm mode creation 4 years ago
calico-network-driver-0199c2459041ae81.yaml Support calico as network driver 5 years ago
cert-manager-api-ee0cf7f3b767bb5d.yaml [k8s] allow enabling kubernetes cert manager api 5 years ago
change-bay-to-cluster-in-config-1f2b95d1176d7231.yaml Fix release note 6 years ago
change-service-name-ce5c72642fe1d3d1.yaml Update Magnum service name and description 7 years ago
client-embed-certs-322701471e4d6e1d.yaml Reno for embed certs in kubernetes config 4 years ago
cluster_template_update_labels-10ce66c87795f11c.yaml Now user can update label values in cluster-template 5 years ago
configure-etcd-auth-bug-1759813-baac5e0fe8a2e97f.yaml k8s_fedora: Explicitly set etcd authentication 5 years ago
coredns-update-9b03da4b89be18ad.yaml Update coredns from upstream manifest and to 1.3.1 4 years ago
default-policy-k8s-keystone-auth-fa74aa03dcc12ef3.yaml [fedora-atomic][k8s] Support default Keystone auth policy file 4 years ago
deploy-tiller-in-k8s-df12ee41d00dd7ff.yaml k8s_fedora: Deploy tiller 4 years ago
deprecate-send_cluster_metrics-8adaac64a979f720.yaml Deprecate send_cluster_metrics 4 years ago
disable-ssh-password-authn-f2baf619710e52aa.yaml [fedora-atomic][k8s]Disable ssh password authentication 3 years ago
dns-autoscale-90b63e3d71d7794e.yaml Make DNS pod autoscale 5 years ago
docker-volume-type-46044734f5a27661.yaml Add reno for docker_volume_type label 6 years ago
drop-py27-support-7e2c4300341f9719.yaml Drop python2 tests 3 years ago
enable_cloud_provider_label-ed79295041bc46a8.yaml k8s_fedora: Add cloud_provider_enabled label 4 years ago
fedora_coreos-e66b44d86dea380f.yaml Support Fedora CoreOS 30 3 years ago
fix-cluster-floating-ip-enabled-default-value-4e24d4bf09fc08c8.yaml Remove cluster floating_ip_enabled default value 3 years ago
fix-cluster-update-886bd2d1156bef88.yaml Use existing templates for cluster-update command 4 years ago
fix-global-stack-list-7a3a66169f5c4aa8.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
fix-k8s-coe-version-a8ea38f327ea6bb3.yaml Fix coe_version for k8s driver 4 years ago
fix-race-condition-for-k8s-multi-masters-29bd36de57df355a.yaml Fix race condition issue for k8s multi masters 5 years ago
flannel-cni-4a5c9f574325761e.yaml [k8s] Make flannel self-hosted 4 years ago
flannel-reboot-fix-f1382818daed4fa8.yaml Add reno for flannel reboot fix 4 years ago
grafana_prometheus_tag_label-78540ea106677485.yaml Add prometheus & grafana container image tags 4 years ago
heat-container-agent-for-train-e63bc1559750fe9c.yaml Set train-dev as the default tag for heat-container-agent 3 years ago
heat-container-agent-tag-92848c1062c16c76.yaml Add heat_container_agent_tag label 4 years ago
heat-container-agent-tag-fe7cec6b890329af.yaml [k8s_fedora] Add heat-agent to worker nodes 4 years ago
helm-install-ingress-nginx-fe2acec1dd3032e3.yaml [k8s] Add nginx based ingress controller 4 years ago
helm-install-metrics-service-cd18be76c4ed0e5f.yaml [k8s] helm install metrics service 4 years ago
helm-install-prometheus-operator-ea87752bc57a0945.yaml [k8s] Update prometheus monitoring helm based configuration 4 years ago
ignore-calico-devices-in-network-manager-e1bdb052834e11e9.yaml [k8s_fedora_atomic] Make calico devices unmanaged in NetworkManager config for master node 4 years ago
ingress-controller-552ea956ceabdd25.yaml [kubernetes] add ingress controller 5 years ago
integrate-osprofiler-79bdf2d0cd8a39fb.yaml Add release note for BP OSProfiler in Magnum 6 years ago
k8s-cluster-creation-speedup-21b5b368184d7bf0.yaml [k8s] Cluster creation speedup 4 years ago
k8s-delete-vip-fip-b2ddf61ddbc080bc.yaml [k8s_fedora_atomic] Delete floating ip for load balancer 4 years ago
k8s-fedora-atomic-rolling-upgrade-3d8edcdd91fa1529.yaml [k8s][fedora atomic] Rolling upgrade support 4 years ago
k8s-improve-floating-ip-enabled-84cd00224d6b7bc1.yaml Improve floating IP allocation 4 years ago
k8s-keystone-auth-6c88c1a2d406fb61.yaml Support Keystone AuthN and AuthZ for k8s 4 years ago
k8s-nodes-security-group-9d8dbb91b006d9dd.yaml [k8s-fedora-atomic] Security group definition for worker nodes 4 years ago
k8s-octavia-ingress-controller-32c0b97031fd0dd4.yaml Support octavia-ingress-controller 4 years ago
k8s-prometheus-clusterip-b191fa163e3f1125.yaml [k8s-fedora-atomic] Use ClusterIP for prometheus service 4 years ago
k8s_fedora_atomic_apply_cluster_role-8a46c881de1a1fa3.yaml k8s_fedora: Create admin cluster-role 5 years ago
k8s_fedora_protect_kubelet-8468ddcb92c2a624.yaml k8s_fedora: Add kubelet authentication/authorization 5 years ago
keystone-auth-repo-6970c05f44299326.yaml Change k8s-keystone-auth docker repo 3 years ago
keystone_trustee_interface-6d63b74616dda1d4.yaml reno: add custom keystone endpoint_type in configuration 6 years ago
kubernetes-cloud-config-6c9a4bfec47e3bb4.yaml k8s_fedora: Use external kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack 4 years ago
make-keypair-optional-fcf4a17e440d0879.yaml Make providing a keypair optional 4 years ago
no-cinder-volume-87b9339e066c30a0.yaml Make cinder volume optional 6 years ago
podsecuritypolicy-2400063d73524e06.yaml k8s_fedora_atomic: Add PodSecurityPolicy 3 years ago
pre-delete-cluster-5e27cfdf45e25805.yaml Release note for cluster pre-delete 4 years ago
quota-api-182cd1bc9e706b17.yaml Resource Quota - Adding quota API 6 years ago
remove-container-endpoint-3494eb8bd2406e87.yaml Add missing release notes 6 years ago
rename-minion-to-node-9d32fe77d765f149.yaml [k8s][fedora atomic] Using node instead of minion 4 years ago
resize-api-2bf1fb164484dea9.yaml Support <ClusterID>/actions/resize API 4 years ago
return-clusterid-for-resize-upgrade-6e841c7b568fa807.yaml Return ClusterID for resize and upgrade 3 years ago
return-server-id-in-kubeminion-cb33f5141e0b7fa9.yaml Return instance ID of worker node 4 years ago
rollback-bay-on-update-failure-83e5ff8a7904d5c4.yaml Rollback bay on update failure 6 years ago
rotate-cluster-cert-9f84deb0adf9afb1.yaml Add an API to rotate a cluster CA certificate 6 years ago
server-groups-for-both-master-and-workder-bdd491e4323955d4.yaml Add server group for cluster worker nodes 4 years ago
set-traefik-tag-7d4aca5685147970.yaml [k8s] Set traefik to stable version v1.7.10 4 years ago
stats-api-68bc66147ac027e6.yaml Magnum stats API 6 years ago
strip-ca-certificate-a09d0c31c45973df.yaml Strip signed certificate 5 years ago
support-all-tenants-for-admin-a042f5c520d35837.yaml Support accessing all clusters/templates across projects 5 years ago
support-auto-healing-3e07c16c55209b0a.yaml [fedora_atomic] Support auto healing for k8s 4 years ago
support-auto-healing-controller-333d1266918111e9.yaml Support auto_healing_controller 3 years ago
support-fedora-atomic-os-upgrade-9f47182b21c6c028.yaml [fedora-atomic][k8s] Support operating system upgrade 3 years ago
support-multi-dns-server-0528be20f0e6aa62.yaml Support multi DNS server 4 years ago
support-octavia-for-k8s-service-d5d7fd041f9d76fa.yaml Release note for supporting Octavia as LoadBalancer type service backend 5 years ago
support-policy-and-doc-in-code-0c19e479dbd953c9.yaml Add sample policy configuration to doc 5 years ago
support_nodes_affinity_policy-22253fb9cf6739ec.yaml Support soft-anti-affinity policy for nodes 5 years ago
swarm-integration-with-cinder-e3068138a3f75dbe.yaml Add rexray volume driver to Swarm 6 years ago
swarm-live-restore-b03ad192367abced.yaml [swarm-mode] Remove --live-restore from Docker daemon options 4 years ago
sync-service-account-keys-for-multi-masters-71217c4cf4dd472c.yaml Sync service account keys for multi masters 5 years ago
update-kubernetes-dashboard-5196831c32d55aee.yaml Update kubernetes dashboard to v1.8.3 5 years ago
update-swarm-73d4340a881bff2f.yaml Update Swarm version to 1.2.5 6 years ago
update-to-f27-cc8aa873cdf111bc.yaml Run etcd and flanneld in a system container 5 years ago
upgrade-api-975233ab93c0c092.yaml Add cluster upgrade to the API 4 years ago
upgrade-to-k8s-v1.11.1-8065fd768873295d.yaml Bump k8s version to v1.11.1 4 years ago
upgrade_api-1fecc206e5b0ef99.yaml ng-13: Support nodegroup upgrade 3 years ago
use_podman-39532143be2296c2.yaml k8s_fedora: Add use_podman label 3 years ago
using-vxlan-for-flannel-backend-8d82a290ca97d6e2.yaml Using vxlan as default value for flannel_backend 3 years ago