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#!/bin/bash -x
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
# This script is executed inside post_test_hook function in devstack gate.
# Sleep some time until all services are starting
sleep 5
# Check if a function already exists
function function_exists {
declare -f -F $1 > /dev/null
# Set up all necessary test data
function create_test_data {
# First we test Magnum's command line to see if we can stand up
# a cluster_template, cluster and a pod
if [ $coe == 'mesos' ]; then
local image_name="ubuntu.*mesos"
local container_format="bare"
elif [ $coe == 'k8s-coreos' ]; then
local image_name="coreos"
local container_format="bare"
elif [ "${coe}${special}" == 'k8s-ironic' ]; then
local bm_flavor_id=$(openstack flavor show baremetal -f value -c id)
die_if_not_set $LINENO bm_flavor_id "Failed to get id of baremetal flavor"
# NOTE(yuanying): Workaround fix for ironic issue
# cf.
echo "alter table ironic.nodes modify instance_info LONGTEXT;" | mysql -uroot -p${MYSQL_PASSWORD} ironic
# NOTE(yuanying): Ironic instances need to connect to Internet
openstack subnet set private-subnet --dns-nameserver
local container_format="ami"
local image_name="atomic"
local container_format="bare"
# if we have the MAGNUM_IMAGE_NAME setting, use it instead
# of the default one. In combination with MAGNUM_GUEST_IMAGE_URL
# setting, it allows to perform testing on custom images.
export NIC_ID=$(openstack network show public -f value -c id)
# We need to filter by container_format to get the appropriate
# image. Specifically, when we provide kernel and ramdisk images
# we need to select the 'ami' image. Otherwise, when we have
# qcow2 images, the format is 'bare'.
export IMAGE_ID=$(openstack image list --property container_format=$container_format | grep -i $image_name | awk '{print $2}')
#Get magnum_url
local magnum_api_ip=$(iniget /etc/magnum/magnum.conf api host)
local magnum_api_port=$(iniget /etc/magnum/magnum.conf api port)
local magnum_url="http://"$magnum_api_ip":"$magnum_api_port"/v1"
local keystone_auth_url=$(iniget /etc/magnum/magnum.conf keystone_authtoken auth_uri)
# pass the appropriate variables via a config file
# Credentials for functional testing
auth_url = $keystone_auth_url
magnum_url = $magnum_url
username = $OS_USERNAME
project_name = $OS_PROJECT_NAME
project_domain_id = $OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID
user_domain_id = $OS_USER_DOMAIN_ID
password = $OS_PASSWORD
auth_version = v3
insecure = False
project_name = $OS_PROJECT_NAME
project_domain_id = $OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID
user_domain_id = $OS_USER_DOMAIN_ID
region_name = $OS_REGION_NAME
image_id = $IMAGE_ID
nic_id = $NIC_ID
keypair_id = default
flavor_id = ${bm_flavor_id:-s1.magnum}
master_flavor_id = ${bm_flavor_id:-m1.magnum}
copy_logs = true
dns_nameserver =
# Note(eliqiao): Let's keep this only for debugging on gate.
echo_summary $CREDS_FILE
# Create a keypair for use in the functional tests.
echo_summary "Generate a key-pair"
# ~/.ssh/id_rsa already exists in multinode setup, so generate
# key with different name
ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa_magnum
openstack keypair create --public-key ~/.ssh/ default
function add_flavor {
# because of policy.json change in nova, flavor-create is now an admin-only feature
# moving this out to only be used by admins
# Get admin credentials
pushd ../devstack
source openrc admin admin
# Create magnum specific flavor for use in functional tests.
echo_summary "Create a flavor"
if [[ "$DEVSTACK_GATE_TOPOLOGY" = "multinode" ]] ; then
local flavor_ram="3750"
local flavor_disk="20"
local flavor_vcpus="2"
openstack flavor create m1.magnum --id 100 --ram ${flavor_ram:-1024} --disk ${flavor_disk:-10} --vcpus ${flavor_vcpus:-1}
openstack flavor create s1.magnum --id 200 --ram ${flavor_ram:-1024} --disk ${flavor_disk:-10} --vcpus ${flavor_vcpus:-1}
if ! function_exists echo_summary; then
function echo_summary {
echo $@
# Save trace setting
XTRACE=$(set +o | grep xtrace)
set -o xtrace
echo_summary "magnum's was called..."
(set -o posix; set)
# source it to make sure to get REQUIREMENTS_DIR
source $BASE/new/devstack/stackrc
constraints="-c $REQUIREMENTS_DIR/upper-constraints.txt"
sudo -H pip install $constraints -U -r requirements.txt -r test-requirements.txt
export MAGNUM_DIR="$BASE/new/magnum"
sudo chown -R $USER:stack $MAGNUM_DIR
# Run functional tests
# Currently we support functional-api, functional-k8s, will support swarm,
# mesos later.
echo "Running magnum functional test suite for $1"
# For api, we will run tempest tests
if [[ "-ironic" != "$special" ]]; then
# Get admin credentials
pushd ../devstack
source openrc admin admin
create_test_data $coe $special
if [[ "api" == "$coe" ]]; then
sudo chown -R $USER:stack $BASE/new/tempest
export TEMPEST_CONFIG=$BASE/new/tempest/etc/tempest.conf
# Set up tempest config with magnum goodness
iniset $TEMPEST_CONFIG magnum image_id $IMAGE_ID
iniset $TEMPEST_CONFIG magnum nic_id $NIC_ID
iniset $TEMPEST_CONFIG magnum keypair_id default
iniset $TEMPEST_CONFIG magnum flavor_id s1.magnum
iniset $TEMPEST_CONFIG magnum master_flavor_id m1.magnum
iniset $TEMPEST_CONFIG magnum copy_logs True
# show tempest config with magnum
# tempest tox env is looking for /etc/tempest/tempest.conf
sudo mkdir -p /etc/tempest
sudo cp $TEMPEST_CONFIG /etc/tempest/tempest.conf
# strigazi: don't run test_create_list_sign_delete_clusters because
# it is very unstable in the CI
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_baymodel"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster_template"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster_template_admin"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_magnum_service"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster.ClusterTest.test_create_cluster_for_nonexisting_cluster_template"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster.ClusterTest.test_create_cluster_with_node_count_0"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster.ClusterTest.test_create_cluster_with_nonexisting_flavor"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster.ClusterTest.test_create_cluster_with_zero_masters"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster.ClusterTest.test_delete_cluster_for_nonexisting_cluster"
_magnum_tests="$_magnum_tests magnum_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v1.test_cluster.ClusterTest.test_update_cluster_for_nonexisting_cluster"
pushd $BASE/new/magnum-tempest-plugin
sudo cp $CREDS_FILE .
sudo -E -H -u $USER tox -e functional-"$target" $_magnum_tests -- --concurrency=1
sudo -E -H -u $USER tox -e functional-"$target" $_magnum_tests -- --concurrency=1
# Delete the keypair used in the functional test.
echo_summary "Running keypair-delete"
openstack keypair delete default
if [[ "-ironic" != "$special" ]]; then
# Delete the flavor used in the functional test.
echo_summary "Running flavor-delete"
openstack flavor delete m1.magnum
openstack flavor delete s1.magnum
# Save functional testing log
sudo cp $MAGNUM_DIR/functional-tests.log /opt/stack/logs/
# Save functional_creds.conf
sudo cp $CREDS_FILE /opt/stack/logs/
# Restore xtrace