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Spyros Trigazis c98e9525c7 Add heat_container_agent_tag label
Add heat_container_agent_tag label to allow users select the
heat-agent tag. Stein default: stein-dev

story: 2003992
task: 26936

Change-Id: I6a8d8dbb2ec7bd4b7d01fa7cd790a8966ea88f73
Signed-off-by: Spyros Trigazis <>
5 years ago
api Merge "Admin can now delete clusters in any project" 5 years ago
cmd Support magnum-conductor multiple process workers 6 years ago
common Using simple public/private key for k8s service account keys 5 years ago
conductor Use existing templates for cluster-update command 5 years ago
conf Centralize config option: paths section 7 years ago
db federation api: federation table and db layer 5 years ago
drivers Add heat_container_agent_tag label 5 years ago
objects Add health_status and health_status_reason to cluster 5 years ago
service Deprecate send_cluster_metrics 5 years ago
servicegroup Cleanup MagnumService Object usage 7 years ago
template Centralize config option: paths section 7 years ago Make room for functional tests 8 years ago Revert "Using assertFalse(A) instead of assertEqual(False, A)" 6 years ago