Container Infrastructure Management Service for OpenStack
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# Copyright 2013 - Red Hat, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Magnum base exception handling.
Includes decorator for re-raising Magnum-type exceptions.
import functools
import sys
from keystoneclient import exceptions as keystone_exceptions
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
import six
import magnum.conf
from magnum.i18n import _
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
CONF = magnum.conf.CONF
except cfg.NoSuchOptError as e:
# Note:work around for magnum run against master branch
# in devstack gate job, as magnum not branched yet
# verisonobjects kilo/master different version can
# cause issue here. As it changed import group. So
# add here before branch to prevent gate failure.
# Bug: #1447873
def wrap_keystone_exception(func):
"""Wrap keystone exceptions and throw Magnum specific exceptions."""
def wrapped(*args, **kw):
return func(*args, **kw)
except keystone_exceptions.AuthorizationFailure:
raise AuthorizationFailure(
client=func.__name__, message="reason: %s" % sys.exc_info()[1])
except keystone_exceptions.ClientException:
raise AuthorizationFailure(
message="unexpected keystone client error occurred: %s"
% sys.exc_info()[1])
return wrapped
class MagnumException(Exception):
"""Base Magnum Exception
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define
a 'message' property. That message will get printf'd
with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor.
message = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
code = 500
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
if 'code' not in self.kwargs and hasattr(self, 'code'):
self.kwargs['code'] = self.code
if message:
self.message = message
self.message = self.message % kwargs
except Exception:
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in the message
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception('Exception in string format operation, '
'kwargs: %s', kwargs)
if CONF.fatal_exception_format_errors:
except cfg.NoSuchOptError:
# Note: work around for Bug: #1447873
if CONF.oslo_versionedobjects.fatal_exception_format_errors:
super(MagnumException, self).__init__(self.message)
def __str__(self):
if six.PY3:
return self.message
return self.message.encode('utf-8')
def __unicode__(self):
return self.message
def format_message(self):
if self.__class__.__name__.endswith('_Remote'):
return self.args[0]
return six.text_type(self)
class ObjectNotFound(MagnumException):
message = _("The %(name)s %(id)s could not be found.")
code = 404
class ProjectNotFound(ObjectNotFound):
message = _("The %(name)s %(id)s could not be found.")
class ResourceNotFound(ObjectNotFound):
message = _("The %(name)s resource %(id)s could not be found.")
class AuthorizationFailure(MagnumException):
message = _("%(client)s connection failed. %(message)s")
code = 403
class Invalid(MagnumException):
message = _("Unacceptable parameters.")
code = 400
class InvalidUUID(Invalid):
message = _("Expected a uuid but received %(uuid)s.")
class InvalidName(Invalid):
message = _("Expected a name but received %(name)s.")
class InvalidDiscoveryURL(Invalid):
message = _("Received invalid discovery URL '%(discovery_url)s' for "
"discovery endpoint '%(discovery_endpoint)s'.")
class GetDiscoveryUrlFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to get discovery url from '%(discovery_endpoint)s'.")
class InvalidClusterDiscoveryURL(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid discovery URL '%(discovery_url)s'.")
class InvalidClusterSize(Invalid):
message = _("Expected cluster size %(expect_size)d but get cluster "
"size %(size)d from '%(discovery_url)s'.")
class GetClusterSizeFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to get the size of cluster from '%(discovery_url)s'.")
class InvalidIdentity(Invalid):
message = _("Expected an uuid or int but received %(identity)s.")
class InvalidCsr(Invalid):
message = _("Received invalid csr %(csr)s.")
class InvalidSubnet(Invalid):
message = _("Received invalid subnet %(subnet)s.")
class HTTPNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
class Conflict(MagnumException):
message = _('Conflict.')
code = 409
class ApiVersionsIntersect(Invalid):
message = _("Version of %(name)s %(min_ver)s %(max_ver)s intersects "
"with another versions.")
# Cannot be templated as the error syntax varies.
# msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InvalidParameterValue(Invalid):
message = _("%(err)s")
class PatchError(Invalid):
message = _("Couldn't apply patch '%(patch)s'. Reason: %(reason)s")
class NotAuthorized(MagnumException):
message = _("Not authorized.")
code = 403
class PolicyNotAuthorized(NotAuthorized):
message = _("Policy doesn't allow %(action)s to be performed.")
class InvalidMAC(Invalid):
message = _("Expected a MAC address but received %(mac)s.")
class ConfigInvalid(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid configuration file. %(error_msg)s")
class ClusterTemplateNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("ClusterTemplate %(clustertemplate)s could not be found.")
class ClusterTemplateAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("A ClusterTemplate with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class ClusterTemplateReferenced(Invalid):
message = _("ClusterTemplate %(clustertemplate)s is referenced by one or"
" multiple clusters.")
class ClusterTemplatePublishDenied(NotAuthorized):
message = _("Not authorized to set public flag for cluster template.")
class ClusterNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("Cluster %(cluster)s could not be found.")
class ClusterAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("A cluster with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class NotSupported(MagnumException):
message = _("%(operation)s is not supported.")
code = 400
class ClusterTypeNotSupported(NotSupported):
message = _("Cluster type (%(server_type)s, %(os)s, %(coe)s)"
" not supported.")
class RequiredParameterNotProvided(Invalid):
message = _("Required parameter %(heat_param)s not provided.")
class OperationInProgress(Invalid):
message = _("Cluster %(cluster_name)s already has an operation in "
class ImageNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
"""The code here changed to 400 according to the latest document."""
message = _("Image %(image_id)s could not be found.")
code = 400
class ImageNotAuthorized(NotAuthorized):
message = _("Not authorized for image %(image_id)s.")
class OSDistroFieldNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
"""The code here changed to 400 according to the latest document."""
message = _("Image %(image_id)s doesn't contain os_distro field.")
code = 400
class X509KeyPairNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("A key pair %(x509keypair)s could not be found.")
class X509KeyPairAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("A key pair with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class CertificateStorageException(MagnumException):
message = _("Could not store certificate: %(msg)s")
class CertificateValidationError(Invalid):
message = _("Extension '%(extension)s' not allowed")
class KeyPairNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("Unable to find keypair %(keypair)s.")
class MagnumServiceNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("A magnum service %(magnum_service_id)s could not be found.")
class MagnumServiceAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("A magnum service with ID %(id)s already exists.")
class UnsupportedK8sQuantityFormat(Invalid):
message = _("Unsupported quantity format for k8s cluster.")
class UnsupportedDockerQuantityFormat(Invalid):
message = _("Unsupported quantity format for Swarm cluster.")
class FlavorNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
"""The code here changed to 400 according to the latest document."""
message = _("Unable to find flavor %(flavor)s.")
code = 400
class ExternalNetworkNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
"""The code here changed to 400 according to the latest document."""
""""Ensure the network is not private."""
message = _("Unable to find external network %(network)s.")
code = 400
class TrustCreateFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to create trust for trustee %(trustee_user_id)s.")
class TrustDeleteFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to delete trust %(trust_id)s.")
class TrusteeCreateFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to create trustee %(username)s "
"in domain %(domain_id)s")
class TrusteeDeleteFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to delete trustee %(trustee_id)s")
class QuotaAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("Quota for project %(project_id)s already exists "
"for resource %(resource)s.")
class QuotaNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("Quota could not be found: %(msg)s")
class ResourceLimitExceeded(NotAuthorized):
message = _('Resource limit exceeded: %(msg)s')
class RegionsListFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to list regions.")
class ServicesListFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to list services.")
class TrusteeOrTrustToClusterFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to create trustee or trust for Cluster: "
class CertificatesToClusterFailed(MagnumException):
message = _("Failed to create certificates for Cluster: %(cluster_uuid)s")
class FederationNotFound(ResourceNotFound):
message = _("Federation %(federation)s could not be found.")
class FederationAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("A federation with UUID %(uuid)s already exists.")
class MemberAlreadyExists(Conflict):
message = _("A cluster with UUID %(uuid)s is already a member of the "
"federation %(federation_name)s.")