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# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""API for interfacing with Magnum Backend."""
from oslo_config import cfg
from magnum.common import rpc_service
from magnum import objects
# The Backend API class serves as a AMQP client for communicating
# on a topic exchange specific to the conductors. This allows the ReST
# API to trigger operations on the conductors
class API(rpc_service.API):
def __init__(self, transport=None, context=None, topic=None):
if topic is None:
cfg.CONF.import_opt('topic', 'magnum.conductor.config',
super(API, self).__init__(transport, context,
# Bay Model Operations
def baymodel_create(self, context, baymodel):
return baymodel.create(context)
def baymodel_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
return objects.BayModel.list(context, limit, marker,
sort_key, sort_dir)
def baymodel_delete(self, context, uuid):
baymodel = objects.BayModel.get_by_uuid(uuid)
return baymodel.destroy()
def baymodel_show(self, context, uuid):
return objects.BayModel.get_by_uuid(uuid)
# Bay Operations
def bay_create(self, bay):
return self._call('bay_create', bay=bay)
def bay_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
return objects.Bay.list(context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir)
def bay_delete(self, uuid):
return self._call('bay_delete', uuid=uuid)
def bay_show(self, context, uuid):
return objects.Bay.get_by_uuid(context, uuid)
def bay_update(self, bay):
return self._call('bay_update', bay=bay)
# Service Operations
def service_create(self, service):
return self._call('service_create', service=service)
def service_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
# TODO(pkilambi): return kubectl results once we parse appropriately
# or figure out a clean way to interact with k8s.
return objects.Service.list(context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir)
def service_delete(self, uuid):
return self._call('service_delete', uuid=uuid)
def service_show(self, context, uuid):
return objects.Service.get_by_uuid(context, uuid)
# Pod Operations
def pod_create(self, pod):
return self._call('pod_create', pod=pod)
def pod_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
return objects.Pod.list(context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir)
def pod_delete(self, uuid):
return self._call('pod_delete', uuid=uuid)
def pod_show(self, context, uuid):
return objects.Pod.get_by_uuid(context, uuid)
# ReplicationController Operations
def rc_create(self, rc):
return self._call('rc_create', rc=rc)
def rc_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
return objects.ReplicationController.list(context, limit, marker,
sort_key, sort_dir)
def rc_delete(self, uuid):
return self._call('rc_delete', uuid=uuid)
def rc_show(self, context, uuid):
return objects.ReplicationController.get_by_uuid(context, uuid)
# Container operations
def container_create(self, name, container_uuid, container):
return self._call('container_create', name=name,
def container_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
return objects.Container.list(context, limit, marker, sort_key,
def container_delete(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_delete', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_show(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_show', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_reboot(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_reboot', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_stop(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_stop', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_start(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_start', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_pause(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_pause', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_unpause(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_unpause', container_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_logs(self, container_uuid):
return self._call('container_logs', ontainer_uuid=container_uuid)
def container_execute(self, container_uuid, command):
return self._call('container_execute', container_uuid=container_uuid,