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Goutham Pacha Ravi 8cd2097190 Switch ubuntu image to Jammy Jellyfish
Move to the 22.04 LTS release. Also stop installing
python2, since its EOL.

Depends-On: Idd3e6a6fdb8cf13727cd674c76efd89b3aacfc52
Change-Id: I9b4c134ecc9279487e253fa3bc38ae32fe487ac6
Signed-off-by: Goutham Pacha Ravi <>
12 months ago
George Melikov 631a8542df Allow to set MANILA_USER_AUTHORIZED_KEYS
It may be appropriate to easily add keys for SSH auth.

Change-Id: I7c7875fa1e6c2228d2268f6c26994d12a0a5262e
Signed-off-by: George Melikov <>
2 years ago
George Melikov 93957d68ef Allow empty MANILA_PASSWORD to harden security
There is a check for empty value of
`elements/manila-ssh/install.d/50-manila-user` already.

Just allow to set MANILA_PASSWORD empty.

Change-Id: I08ee3e643bb0c6208bda7caadc11f865617163f3
Signed-off-by: George Melikov <>
2 years ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi f780218341 Switch ubuntu image to Focal Fossa (20.04 LTS)
Test infrastructure is moving to Focal Fossa
in this release, the service image could too.

Change-Id: I89ff01d31012633a2cefd6ef453530c011ff8a09
Signed-off-by: Goutham Pacha Ravi <>
3 years ago
Zuul 2859569635 Merge "Change DHCP timeout" 3 years ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi f75519fba5 Refactor cephfs element
DIB ignores a plain "install.d" directive
silently currently, producing images without
the packages we asked for.

Use the "package-installs" approach to install
element dependencies. No configuration is added
at the moment, but may be required in the future.

Also install the "fuse" package to get the ability
to execute "fusermount" command.

Change-Id: Ifbd7344b20940575348a856521539425b34a4279
Signed-off-by: Goutham Pacha Ravi <>
3 years ago
George Melikov 1d9010cdb8 Change DHCP timeout
Manila service network may be large and dnsmasq
may be available slower than in 60 seconds.

Change-Id: I27e625ecccec0b7294bf0022f11bbd36d8ace5b4
Signed-off-by: George Melikov <>
3 years ago
lkuchlan fa2177bdf6 Add support for CephFS Native
Elements have been added to support mounting
Ceph file systems.

Change-Id: I7516ca10ea9ba2606185395e8f8cedf8304d46fb
3 years ago
Zuul 0639271d7f Merge "Update service image from Xenial to Bionic" 4 years ago
Tom Barron 8702219bdd Update service image from Xenial to Bionic
Change-Id: Ie809ffe61197a0a33668bd17bcb1a099dbab5bb6
4 years ago
Tom Barron f0fbd9e365 Save service image URL properly
Put the image name in a file for retrieval by jobs that
need it so they don't have to play (buggy) tricks with
git to get it.  Also ensure that debootstrap is installed.

Closes-bug: #1807969
Change-Id: I6dfeb5fb236579aa1755c6806f9ffc397690fba6
5 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 375ddd1e9e Add support for CentOS
This change aims to add the foundations for CentOS support
on manila-image-elements.

In this patch-set, the following has been modified

- Added elements for manila-centos-minimal
- Added elements for centos-nfs
- Added elements for centos-cifs
- Renamed all elements for the different protocols to distro-protocol
to facilitate automation
- Modified the main script to take the distro param

Follow-up patches will add centos-based elements
for all other protocols supported.

Change-Id: Ie1469a8b3973b9a15c3fa27688df3b7e7e8da688
Partial-Bug: #1675538
6 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 5145607196 Adds support for NFS Ganesha
Elements were already available for use with containers.
A few updates on the elements were made in order to get
the latest changes for NFS Ganesha.

Closes-Bug: #1649404
Change-Id: I605e8a3793ec1dde1efcfcef2a84c42abe5219de
6 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz badb874284 Updates default Ubuntu version and OS arch
New default is Ubuntu Xenial AMD64.

Change-Id: I361d875340e200f938818b43278f9ed4aef5f9fe
Closes-Bug: #1658746
6 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz e46c38a1b2 Changes default behaviour for image creation script
Commit ac84122598 refactoring
broke manila gate by changing the default behavior of the
image creation. The generic drivers requires CIFS+NFS, and
after this change the default image shipped NFS only.

This patch set adds a default value with CIFS+NFS.

Change-Id: Ia620c04f68d0a627b047616cf5a39e2ba681c77f
Closes-Bug: #1657121
6 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz ac84122598 Enables end user to pick share protocol
This patch set refactors manila-image-create script to allow
end users to pick which share protocol install on their images.
This change slightly affects the current behavior of the script.

If an image is created using tox -e buildimage (as stated by current
docs) an Ubuntu Trusty Minimal image with NFS will be created.

Now, calling manila-image-create with params, will generate an image with
the filesystem protocol desired.

Change-Id: I0419cbf9a39290d32409f7a5ab9dfaf5ca636bb7
Closes-Bug: #1643034
6 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 288f6c2f97 Removes LXC/LXD support on manila-image-elements
The support for LXC/LXD was added as part of the initial effort
to develop a container driver for Manila which was later on
abandoned. Despite of that, the code in the manila-image-elements

This patch set removes LXC/LXD container support in
manila-image-elements. Code-path used for generation of Docker images is

This will help for the parallel effort of making
manila-image-elements usable by end users.

Change-Id: I99c6a7fbf2b2fb0cebb7b16d94c66f807e7ac7ef
Closes-Bug: #1646615
6 years ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz e2e7ef98d8 Fix package manager call for RHEL-based distros
Assuming users will be working with latests versions
for RHEL, Centos or Fedora, the requirement for EPEL
repo is not longer needed. This requirement was due
to argparse not being present in standard repos, something
that does not hold anymore.
For this reason, this patch set removes the installation
of the EPEL repo.
On the other hand, this patch set also makes an extra check
to use dnf when this script is run on Fedora. Since Fedora 22
dnf has been the default package manager instead of yum.

Change-Id: I9fcd47a0bf9302506949fa56efb42b77552710f6
Closes-Bug: #1611527
7 years ago
vponomaryov 5ddd59814a Use ubuntu-minimal instead of ubuntu-core
Support of ubuntu-core was dropped and now it is impossible to
continue using it. Therefore, start using ubuntu-minimal OS element
for building image.

Also, add 'other-requirements.txt' file with list of required system
packages to be installed prior to buidling image.

Change-Id: Ief7059b9e6cc2aad03c81225663f5313a8d2f5f2
Closes-Bug: #1586351
7 years ago
Alexey Ovchinnikov 12eac6e6cb Fix for image name
Manila service image was generated with incorrect name
which led to publishing job failure. This change fixes
the problem.

Change-Id: I1d5a01cf23e5be35022998619d61aea37bfcd960
Closes-Bug: #1557758
7 years ago
Jenkins 8a7e5d27cb Merge "Add tox job for building LXD image" 7 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy 796f168c5c Add tox job for building LXD image
Add additional tox job 'buildimage-lxd' which produces
lxd metadata package and rootfs with installs
nfs-ganesha, unfs3 and cifs.

Co-Authored-By: Alexey Ovchinnikov <>

Change-Id: Ia5a4701a828aeef93840f9c0a0e1d0bc0f4a5a2e
7 years ago
vponomaryov 9291b4781e Disable ZFS element by default
ZFS element should not be installed by default, because it is
not used.

Change-Id: I9173fc6a607e2c8fb46982cfccf8967cef42406c
Closes-Bug: #1553132
7 years ago
vponomaryov 572cef52e2 Add ZFS element
ZFS filesystem is going to be used for replication feature by
Manila Generic share driver.
So, add appropriate Manila image element as optional and enabled by default.

Set env var 'MANILA_ENABLE_ZFS_SUPPORT' to any value other than 'yes' to
disable its installation.

Change-Id: If58186dc03d43430c1225e77aa80a1f85a62dd1b
Closes-Bug: #1538658
7 years ago
vponomaryov a07f17734e Fix buildimage job
Job named "buildimage" fails with following error:

E: Package 'kpartx' has no installation candidate

So, execute "apt-get update" before required dependencies installation.
Also, do not install dependencies specified in 'test-requirements.txt'
as redundant.

Change-Id: Ic4beaa6be81eb50bafa1dd029722ec84288e6f20
Closes-Bug: #1537011
7 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy cc1a8ba6b9 Install dependencies automatically
Install system packages needed to build manila-image-elements.

Change-Id: Ia1fef024f9188869a1993604dcfbd09499700515
Closes-Bug: #1504530
8 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy add7e2ccd0 Fix validation in manila-image-create 8 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy 2bd4f201a3 Change default name of image 8 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy 50336185d9 Align project with default openstack project structure 8 years ago