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Manila Image Elements Project
This repo is a place for Manila-related diskimage-builder elements.
* Free software: Apache license
* Source:
* Bugs:
* Built Images:
Build instructions
Before building the image, make sure all system dependencies
listed in bindep.txt file, are installed.
Default generic using tox
Script for creating Ubuntu based image with our elements and default parameters.
You should only need to run this command:
.. sourcecode:: bash
tox -e buildimage
On completion, an Ubuntu minimal image with NFS+CIFS will be available for use.
Non-default image using tox
A finer-grained image creation control can be obtained by specifying extra parameters.
Precisely, the syntax is as follows:
.. sourcecode:: bash
tox -e buildimage -- -s nfs
Where <share-protocol> can be nfs, cifs, zfs or nfs-ganesha.
For example, running:
.. sourcecode:: bash
tox -e buildimage -- -s cifs
Will generate an Ubuntu based image with CIFS.