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[ci] Remove explicit compression of log files

Compression is not needed post [1], explicit
compression renders them non-browsable.

This commit applies to legacy style jobs that
will soon be replaced with zuulv3 native jobs;
however, fixing it isn't terrible, and we
can use this fix for stable branches
where zuulv3 native jobs may not come for a

Co-Authored-By: yatinkarel <>

Change-Id: Icd4f9dc435a807f6f729e4eb2d4df4b282ec79ac
Signed-off-by: Goutham Pacha Ravi <>
(cherry picked from commit 770e57ff31)
(cherry picked from commit 531e810526)
(cherry picked from commit afb63e9db8)
(cherry picked from commit 2b16184da8)
Goutham Pacha Ravi 9 months ago
committed by Tom Barron
1 changed files with 3 additions and 16 deletions
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+ 3
- 16
contrib/ci/ View File

@ -60,15 +60,6 @@ function manila_wait_for_drivers_init {
sleep 10
function archive_file {
# First argument is expected to be filename
local filename=$1
sudo gzip -9 $filename
sudo chown $USER:stack $filename.gz
sudo chmod a+r $filename.gz
function save_tempest_results {
# First argument is expected to be number or tempest run
@ -89,8 +80,7 @@ function save_tempest_results {
# 3. Save tempest log file
cp $src_dirname/tempest.log $src_dirname/tempest.txt
echo '' > $src_dirname/tempest.log
archive_file $src_dirname/tempest.txt
sudo mv $src_dirname/tempest.txt.gz $dst_dirname/tempest.txt.gz
sudo mv $src_dirname/tempest.txt $dst_dirname/tempest.txt
# 4. Save tempest stestr results
@ -105,11 +95,8 @@ function save_tempest_results {
if [ -f $src_dirname/tempest.subunit ]; then
s2h=`type -p subunit2html`
sudo $s2h $src_dirname/tempest.subunit $src_dirname/testr_results.html
archive_file $src_dirname/tempest.subunit
sudo mv $src_dirname/tempest.subunit.gz $dst_dirname/tempest.subunit.gz
archive_file $src_dirname/testr_results.html
sudo mv $src_dirname/testr_results.html.gz $dst_dirname/testr_results.html.gz
sudo mv $src_dirname/tempest.subunit $dst_dirname/tempest.subunit
sudo mv $src_dirname/testr_results.html $dst_dirname/testr_results.html
# 5. Cleanup
sudo rm -rf $src_dirname/.stestr