61 Commits (driverfixes/ocata)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 48b5c91ad7 NetApp cDOT: Fix security style for CIFS shares 1 year ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 11c8145b96 NetApp cDOT: Add gateway information to create static routes 1 year ago
  Clinton Knight 794e9a74fc NetApp: Support share revert to snapshot 2 years ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 20e89b9691 NetApp cDOT: Add Intra-Vserver migration support 2 years ago
  Tom Barron fa32c3787e NetApp: set proper broadcast domain for IPspace 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight 1ce2473f3f NetApp cDOT controller utilization metrics 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight eb2d9640e2 NetApp cDOT driver should not report untenable pools 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight 91b1d2ce53 NetApp cDOT driver autosupport broken 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight 2d4e30bd21 NetApp cDOT: Apply network MTU to VLAN ports 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight d42b3f801c NetApp cDOT driver configurable clone split 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight ead05120ab NetApp cDOT multi-SVM driver configurable NFS versions 2 years ago
  Clinton Knight 4c4ee90854 NetApp: Report hybrid aggregates in share stats 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 4bac8b64e0 Manage / unmanage snapshot in NetApp cDOT drivers 3 years ago
  Tom Patzig a1f33c9e8f Delete VLAN on delete_vserver in Netapp cmode 3 years ago
  Tom Patzig 51ba6e109d Remove NetAppCmodeClient.delete_network_interface 3 years ago
  yogesh 53364e07a3 Handle manage/unmanage for replicated shares 3 years ago
  Alex Meade 430a18b50c NetApp cDOT: Handle replicated snapshots 3 years ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 94e04c8de2 Data Replication: Ensure Snapshots across replicas 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 4a2290193c NetApp cDOT driver should not split clones 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 9c42513edb NetApp cDOT APIs may get too little data 3 years ago
  Alex Meade d9dea3e182 NetApp: Add Replication support in cDOT 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 88dd551bf7 Admin networks in NetApp cDOT multi-SVM driver 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 6ef6482822 Implement update_access() in NetApp cDOT drivers 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 11ef510229 Add snap reserve config option to NetApp cDOT driver 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight d6b1c143b4 NetApp cDOT driver should support read-only CIFS shares 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 6369e3f9c8 NetApp cDOT multi-SVM driver can't handle duplicate addresses 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight b28c8fccf9 Revert netapp_lib dependency in NetApp cDOT Manila drivers 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight f925c04900 Revert netapp_lib dependency in NetApp cDOT Manila drivers 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 857fba7a77 NetApp cDOT driver should prefer aggregate-local LIFs 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 58c82eda2f Consistency groups in NetApp cDOT drivers 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight ca6168d01b Update NetApp cDOT Manila drivers to use netapp_lib 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 153154c60c Add manage/unmanage support to NetApp cDOT driver 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 385c062c90 Support extend_share in NetApp cDOT drivers 4 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov ed6ed47202 Fix string/binary conversions for py34 compatibility 3 years ago
  Julia Varlamova c8f0a75398 Wrap iterators and 'dict_items' for py34 compatibitity 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight dab1e3bc14 Enable Manila multi-SVM driver on NetApp cDOT 8.3 4 years ago
  Tom Barron e2d6ca2d99 More Manila cDOT qualified specs 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight dd2047a886 NetApp cDOT driver fails Tempest cleanup on clone workflows 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight 6999c8d26b NetApp cDOT driver is too strict in delete workflows 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight 9b6771a580 NetApp cDOT driver uses deprecated APIs for NFS exports 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight 0bb3186845 cDOT multi-SVM driver may choose unsuitable physical port for LIFs 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight d37f44f04a cDOT driver should split clone from snapshot after creation 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight dd34b6dda9 NetApp cDOT multi-SVM driver should work with non-VLAN networks 4 years ago
  Rushil Chugh 24f8f7b6c9 Manila cDOT qualified specs 4 years ago
  Tom Barron 967fef055b Manila cDOT netapp:thin_provisioned qualified extra spec 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight f27538323b Single-SVM Manila driver for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight 2e2b718edd Manila cDOT storage service catalog 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight dc2aa75e7c Support Manila pools in NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP driver 4 years ago
  Clinton Knight 12eeedb639 Manila NetApp cDOT driver refactoring 4 years ago