41 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Bechtold 551e92f216 Drop run_tests.sh and tools/colorizer.py 1 month ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi f2a0410ebd [pylint] Use filenames in coding-checks 1 month ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 10bd807423 [pylint] Run pylint separately for code and tests 1 month ago
  Tom Barron 1838d51925 Fix spurious pylint import errors for ddt and mock 2 months ago
  Chuck Short 4d0abb4a14 Simplify running pylint 6 months ago
  Tom Barron 772a64a871 Remove run_tests.sh 6 months ago
  Sean McGinnis 4c943fbcb2 Default pylint to run using python3 10 months ago
  lijunbo e8bca58887 Use stestr for coverage 1 year ago
  yanghuichan 1985790eb1 Fix grammatical mistake, Changed character from "a" to "an" 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 31494d4af1 Prepare for using standard python tests 2 years ago
  gengchc2 40e073a8a1 use six.StringIO for compatibility with io.StringIO in python3 2 years ago
  zhangyanxian f2f66c8ada Fix spelling mistakes in cover.sh 2 years ago
  Tom Barron 1c2ec9b8cf Detect addition of executable files 3 years ago
  Tom Barron 72ab1442ad Remove unused logging import and LOG global 3 years ago
  Tom Barron 334e08121c Add tox fast8 option 3 years ago
  David Sariel 4a61faa065 Removed ignored checks from tox.ini and fixed pep8 issues 3 years ago
  Clinton Knight 1070ba728e Last sync to Manila from oslo-incubator 3 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 4778740261 Fix 'cover' tox job 3 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 4ea9031b4f Make coverage tox job fail when test coverage was reduced 3 years ago
  Luis Pabón 72d2840048 Enable developers to see pylint output 4 years ago
  chen-li a6a76d6821 py3: use six.moves.urllib.parse instead of urlparse 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 0c93feeb5b Sync with oslo-incubator 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 883e02f219 Switch to oslo.config 4 years ago
  Marc Koderer ecf603bc05 Remove vim headers 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 8203c51081 Flake8: Fix and enable H404 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 89fa0160a6 Sync scripts with oslo-incubator 4 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold c16feaea5e Use common config generator 4 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold 347fccd92f Add config module from oslo-incubator 4 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 8abe92efa9 py3: use six.string_types instead of basestring 4 years ago
  vponomaryov 16a04df3d0 Refactor test framework 4 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 4c9a4808b7 Replace python print operator with print function (pep H233, py33) 4 years ago
  vponomaryov 07e47e1593 Fix venv installation for run_tests.sh 5 years ago
  Mark McLoughlin ae0263e849 Remove obsolete redhat-eventlet.patch 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor bbd21eb4cc Remove d2to1 dependency 5 years ago
  ubu 9a68e91f9e modified conf sample 5 years ago
  Yulia Portnova 9169fc311e docs 5 years ago
  Yulia Portnova 4f5dde7db5 Fixed flake8 errors 5 years ago
  ubu 59411bf710 Update connfig.sample scripts 5 years ago
  ubu cc3f4faaf8 Update connfig.sample scripts 5 years ago
  Yulia Portnova 4e2f27c11a Replaced cinder with manila 5 years ago
  Yulia Portnova dc4ce932ed Renamed cinder to manila. 5 years ago
  Ben Swartzlander f99ef92c90 Initialize from cinder 5 years ago