857 Commits (2d62329abd059538682125a2d13e51999c8e7915)

Author SHA1 Message Date
David Caro abfa2e2311
service_instance: allow overriding the instance name 10 months ago
silvacarloss 43ebc12fb5 Adapt CephFS driver to do not try to escape export ip 10 months ago
Adam Harwell 9974f6c8be NetApp: properly use netapp_server_port config 11 months ago
ashrod98 ca6e49da0b XENA release note regarding scheduler filters 11 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot f9c471b608 Update master for stable/xena 11 months ago
haixin de72cd4736 Optimize the query logic for share network list 11 months ago
Felipe Rodrigues 9f3c566a10 [NetApp] Add FlexGroup volume support 11 months ago
silvacarloss 04a3db2f9a Share server migration enhancements 11 months ago
silvacarloss 74d5a1b2cf [NetApp] Share server migration through SVM migrate 11 months ago
Chuan Miao 7e7ec7337c Add Share Affinity/Anti-Affinity Scheduler Filters 12 months ago
Felipe Rodrigues 556c361558 [NetApp] Add readable replication type support 12 months ago
Nahim Alves de Souza a745e9c7c4 [NetApp] Fixed scoped account replica delete 12 months ago
kpdev 6ca10003a9 Add config option reserved_share_from_snapshot_percentage. 12 months ago
haixin cdbc428b69 Extend share will go through scheduler 12 months ago
Sam Wan 5bd44e0be3 Change cifs value from string to list for Dell manila drivers 1 year ago
Maurice Escher 68e3783522 handle replica state on migration complete 1 year ago
kpdev 18668d2465 Early validate for CIFS without security service. 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami 76cfc9405e Migrate all quota parameters to [quota] section. 1 year ago
haixin e032c13bfb Add generic fuzzy matching logic to the database layer 1 year ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz cf4af61638 Deprecate create snapshot from share group in CephFS 1 year ago
ashrod98 657fa5b113 Add missing share-type user message 1 year ago
Chuan Miao e5d0c0e77a Pass sync_backref=False to relationship call 1 year ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 1161a56a74 Fix ipaddress issues in the infinidat driver 1 year ago
Simon Dodsley 9eb37eca8b Add Pure Storage FlashBlade driver 1 year ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 3ed02db00e Add Ceph version check 1 year ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 04e06968fd Handle service client authorization errors 1 year ago
Tom Barron a4765cff1e Remove duplicate line in release note 1 year ago
Kafilat Adeleke 4fbacf1df1 Filter shares by share type "extra_specs" 1 year ago
Maurice Escher 0339802a5d init_host should be called before RPC consumer is created 1 year ago
Tom Barron be29805859 Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure 1 year ago
LinPeiWen 63e255248b [Glusterfs] Fix create share from snapshot failed 1 year ago
Tom Barron 5af3b8e68b Remove deprecated config and auth 1 year ago
Maurice Escher 5ba3117f20
Don't run periodic_share_replica_update() on active replicas 1 year ago
Maurice Escher 29a943fde7
Reuse _set_instances_share_data for replicas. 1 year ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 3ea5d50a23 Direct mgr commands to the mgr daemon 1 year ago
OpenStack Release Bot 1522add3aa Update master for stable/wallaby 1 year ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 7a99c6a181 Add release note for secure rbac work 1 year ago
Douglas Viroel 7f0737b75e [NetApp] Follow up fixes for update security service 1 year ago
Ratnakaram Rajesh 643083eefa Support host assisted share migration for Zadara manila driver 1 year ago
Eduardo Santos 3d65f46d3e Add exception for insufficient privileges when using security services 1 year ago
maaoyu 268686c448 Fix wrong totalcount returned by share listing query 1 year ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 5c81264346 Add create share from snapshot in CephFS 1 year ago
Victoria Martinez de la Cruz a830710939 Update cephfs drivers to use ceph-mgr client 1 year ago
haixin a8e25b858d Put ensure_share into thread pool to speed up the startup of share service 1 year ago
haixin 73d0a74f3b fix unmange share with manage_error status will lead to quota error 1 year ago
Elias Wimmer 2586252606 Fix generic share resize with access 1 year ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi f24fff9522 Filter storage protocol in the scheduler 1 year ago
Felipe Rodrigues b2e1797889 [NetApp] Implement cached status pool 1 year ago
haixin 70bb650e7f scheduler should ignore earlier time service capabilities 1 year ago
Douglas Viroel ff91db3ece [NetApp] Implement security service update 1 year ago