34 Commits (37c43a120186dcef458907bed522a8d271eaeb50)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tom Barron be29805859 Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure 5 months ago
wangqi 896c88d6b7 use http code constant instead of int 4 years ago
junboli 4263bc20e2 Remove name and description from the search_options list. 4 years ago
zhongjun f906bcdd4e Fix the exact filter can be filter by inexact value 4 years ago
zhongjun c96df66823 Add like filter 4 years ago
zhongjun 8f88526a54 Change share to share snapshot in snapshot list API annotation 4 years ago
yfzhao d510ee8f92 Remove log translations in api 1/5 5 years ago
Xing Yang c91f27f4e1 Manage and unmanage snapshot 6 years ago
ting.wang 2bc625399f Using dict.items() is better than six.iteritems(dict) 6 years ago
nidhimittalhada 12548c9cea Hide snapshots with no instances from listing 6 years ago
houming-wang 51069d5390 Performance: leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274 6 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov 2467ccf223 Add new URLs for APIs ported from extensions 6 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov 9912d296ec Port admin actions extension to core API 6 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov fdca2909de Fix error response when denying snapshot creation 6 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov 3ea5752570 Add 'snapshot_support' attr to share details 6 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov af6814f9ca Add possibility to filter back ends by snapshot support 6 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy a26824818f Remove Limited XML API Support from Manila 7 years ago
Igor Malinovskiy 8a80f126d9 Remove copypasted export_location field from snapshots 7 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov 63a0504c21 Use oslo_log lib 7 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 15641fba88 Convert files to use _LE and friends 7 years ago
Valeriy Ponomaryov cd07d4ecd6 Improve share snapshots list API filtering 7 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 7b659fc4e0 Use oslo.i18n 7 years ago
Alex Meade 0ab3d9f553 Update shares and snapshot create to show details 7 years ago
Valeriy a8b0c25f81 py33: use six.iteritems for item iterations (part2) 7 years ago
Christian Berendt 8c5f308aa4 Change logging level AUDIT to INFO 7 years ago
Yulia Portnova d68efa454c Security service API 8 years ago
119Vik c902da7256 Fixed xml response for share snapshot. 8 years ago
119Vik d36f1f0c92 Update functionality implementation for manila api. 8 years ago
119Vik c0e15af7fb fixed share snapshots 8 years ago
Yulia Portnova 4f5dde7db5 Fixed flake8 errors 8 years ago
Yulia Portnova 1a253971c2 Removed v2 api. 8 years ago
Yulia Portnova dc4ce932ed Renamed cinder to manila. 8 years ago
Ben Swartzlander f99ef92c90 Initialize from cinder 8 years ago