29 Commits (4f2e400a6bcbcb79103354a76211455f9e7c605a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  linpeiwen 4f2e400a6b [Glusterfs] Fix delete share, mount point not disconnected 8 months ago
  Douglas Viroel 6c47b193b0 Create share from snapshot in another pool or backend 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 27808af118 Hacking: Fix E731 11 months ago
  yfzhao 059fae0ed5 Remove log translations in share and share_group 4/5 4 years ago
  zzxwill fb44a0a49e Put all imports from manila.i18n in one line 4 years ago
  Csaba Henk 58be1ef71a glusterfs: handle new cli XML format 4 years ago
  Anh Tran 973711b311 Removing some redundant words 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk ec5d9ca466 glusterfs volume layout: take care of deletion of DOA shares 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 6bbd199b85 glusterfs.common: move the numreduct function to toplevel 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 768b02bdb7 gluster*: clean up volume option querying 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 5847a12260 gluster*: add proper getter/setters for volume options 5 years ago
  ting.wang 2bc625399f Using dict.items() is better than six.iteritems(dict) 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk c1f2234dd2 gluster*: refactor gluster_call 5 years ago
  huayue 44fc3021d4 Replace deprecated [logger/LOG].warn with warning 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 52bfb25a51 glusterfs/vol layout: remove manila-created vols upon delete_share 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 3537be2516 glusterfs/volume layout: indicate volume usage on volumes themselves 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk e91632b6e2 glusterfs/volume layout: fix incorrect usage of export_location 5 years ago
  Shuquan Huang 8247f350af remove default=None for config options 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk be76d9e404 glusterfs vol layout: start volume cloned from snapshot 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 4e4c8759a2 glusterfs vol layout: start volume cloned from snapshot 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 42f6a55c0a glusterfs*: fix ssh credential options 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk bd146a841d glusterfs*: amend export location 5 years ago
  Ramana Raja cf7bc890fc glusterfs: Fix use of ShareSnapshotInstance object 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk bf3c40e439 glusterfs: volume mapped share layout 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 26a37c7ae2 glusterfs-native: cut back on redundancy 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 2e7c04fe90 glusterfs/common: refactor GlusterManager 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 6849f9e386 glusterfs*: factor out common parts 5 years ago
  Igor Malinovskiy 762efd1ed7 Remove instances of "infinite" capacity from Manila 5 years ago
  Ramana Raja 8855f78e22 glusterfs_native: Add create share from snapshot 5 years ago
  Julia Varlamova c8f0a75398 Wrap iterators and 'dict_items' for py34 compatibitity 5 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI d8d13e3b87 Fix two typos on documentation and one typo on CLI help 5 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 554b92e458 Fix exceptions handling for py34 compatibility 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 26ff88ca9f GlusterFS: fix retrieval of management address of GlusterFS volumes 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 6fe26c5c15 glusterfs_native: prefix GlusterFS snap names with "manila-" 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 39b92fd9eb glusterfs_native: delete_snapshot(): find out real GlusterFS snap name 5 years ago
  Ramana Raja 29456c2299 glusterfs_native: fix delete share 5 years ago
  Igor Malinovskiy 94e8c921db Remove passing DB reference to drivers in Share Manager 5 years ago
  Igor Malinovskiy 4eb57f53c1 Remove direct DB calls from glusterfs_native driver 5 years ago
  Ramana Raja 6aac2b5693 glusterfs_native: Fix Gluster command call 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 7e75c380a6 glusterfs, glusterfs_native: perform version checks 5 years ago
  Ramana Raja a992aa0013 Fix log/error message formatting 5 years ago
  Csaba Henk 0ab34e42b2 glusterfs_native: make {allow,deny}_access non-destructive 6 years ago
  Csaba Henk 482d304e38 glusterfs_native: negotiate volumes with glusterd 6 years ago
  Csaba Henk 3c22da8d96 glusterfs_native: partially implement snapshot 6 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 63a0504c21 Use oslo_log lib 6 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold 071d0b59c1 Switch to using oslo_* instead of oslo.* 6 years ago
  Ramana Raja ca294a7449 glusterfs: add infrastructure to accommodate NAS helpers 6 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov b719d0ffa6 Replace string driver modes with boolean value 6 years ago
  Ponomaryov Valeriy a9c25274ab Add driver mode attr definition for all drivers 6 years ago
  Valeriy Ponomaryov 36db3f3917 Move networking from share manager to driver interface 6 years ago