9 Commits (db1dcdd325c5a16619317c9bb237e900671f2d9e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Goutham Pacha Ravi 3b31aae991 [Native CephFS] Add messages for async ACL ops 8 months ago
Andreas Jaeger aac6655997 Hacking: Fix F841 1 year ago
Tom Barron 9be39cbef2 add IPv6 support for CephFS/NFS back end 2 years ago
Tom Barron 721bb70a81 Set mode for CephFS volumes and snapshots 3 years ago
liushi 47805e2241 Config for cephfs volume path prefix 3 years ago
Rishabh Dave ad171147ff drivers/cephfs: log an error if RO access is used and it's unavailable 4 years ago
Ramana Raja add46c036b ganesha: store exports and export counter in RADOS 4 years ago
Ramana Raja 9de31168d3 cephfs/driver: add nfs protocol support 5 years ago
Ramana Raja 23075e6c0b Refactor and rename CephFSNativeDriver 5 years ago
yfzhao 059fae0ed5 Remove log translations in share and share_group 4/5 5 years ago
Tom Barron 35a0059462 CephFS driver: change CG variables to SG variables 5 years ago
Alex Meade d25f101ab4 Manila Share Groups 5 years ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 64a73b1419 Refactor Access Rules APIs 5 years ago
Jan Provaznik af79b9f5b7 Check ceph backend connection on driver setup 5 years ago
Ramana Raja 08ffd6bdb5 cephfs_native: enhance update_access() 5 years ago
Ramana Raja 0f596c55df cephfs_native: add read-only share support 5 years ago
Dustin Schoenbrun bd21193dec Check for usage of same Cephx ID as manila service 5 years ago
Ramana Raja 05dcc06dde cephfs_native: Fix client eviction 6 years ago
Ramana Raja cbb316babf cephfs_native: Change backend snapshot dir's name 6 years ago
daiki kato ad6cdb6e10 Fix typos 6 years ago
tpsilva 02a9a2c3e2 Remove default values for update_access() 6 years ago
John Spray 9ff0d1312e Add Ceph Native driver 6 years ago