Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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Zuul 37c43a1201 Merge "Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure" 4 months ago
.. Renamed cinder to manila. 8 years ago Fix WsgiLimiterProxy check 1 year ago [Trivialfix] Remove the useless parameter 'ext_mgr' 3 years ago Fix traceback in scheduler-stats API 7 months ago Add share network with multiple subnets 2 years ago Fix logic that determines a share exists before manage 11 months ago Support metadata for access rule resource 3 years ago Hacking: Fix F841 1 year ago Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure 4 months ago [goal] Migrate tox based testing to ubuntu focal 1 year ago Add manage/unmanage of shares in DHSS=True 3 years ago Merge "Fix wrong totalcount returned by share listing query" 6 months ago