Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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Zuul 6ce2e7cdea Merge "Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure" into stable/ussuri 4 months ago
contrib Port share type extensions to core API 6 years ago
middleware Remove the unused variable 4 years ago
openstack [doc] Annotate max api microversion in Ussuri 1 year ago
v1 Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure 4 months ago
v2 Remove experimental flag from share groups feature 1 year ago
views Create share from snapshot in another pool or backend 1 year ago Check 'thin_provisioning' in extra specs 5 years ago Remove log translations in api 1/5 5 years ago Merge "Support query user message by timestamp" 2 years ago If only .pyc exist, the extension API will be disabled 2 years ago Trivial: Remove unused logging import 6 years ago [pylint] Fix/ignore pylint errors in non-test modules 3 years ago